Thursday, December 23, 2010

"what is in a name?"

choosing we haven't really decided on names. we still have lots of time, so i a not stressed about it. but i am curious. how do people actually DECIDE on a name? i mean, i have names i like, some names i have liked for a long time, but how do i know that it's a name i will like forever? i mean did other people feel this way about choosing their children's names? they have the name FOREVER and you have to call them that name FOREVER. it's a pretty serious task. is it true that when you see the baby you will just "know"? do people decide the name before and go in 100% convinced of the name and end up naming the child that? do people change their minds when they see the baby? i keep looking for "better" names, just in case i miss out on a great name. i don't know. i am just not sure how we will know. any suggestions? name suggestions or ways to know suggestions. all are welcome! (steve is pretty impartial...not sure if that is helpful or not...i don't know if i want the weight of this to be all on me.)


  1. Not having had any kids myself, I don't know if my opinion will carry much weight, but with my sister's kids, within a few days of their birth, we didn't even think about their name had become "them". It IS a big responsibility, but that's why I'd go with something that you've liked for a long time. Then you'll for sure have the enduring love for the name. Which you will anyway because you'll love your child...

  2. My parents were going to call my sister Elyse but when she was born they said this isn't Elyse, this is Deanna, so she was named Deanna. But my grandparents in Australia had already sent a card welcoming Elyse into the world and they were mortified.