Tuesday, December 14, 2010

the baby @ 18(ish) weeks

that's our baby....our BABY! man that feels weird to say (or i suppose type). the ultrasound wasn't exactly what i expected. we had one done at 10 weeks. we knew we wouldn't see much at the 10 weeks ultrasound. i was a little surprised that steve wasn't allowed back until the end but once i understood that i wasn't going to be shown anything either until the end i was fine with him not being there while they just did measurements. anyway, this ultrasound was gonna be different....or so i thought. i thought we would see way more and get to watch the baby for a little while. but sadly that wasn't really what happened. the tech did tons of measurements and kept saying that the baby wasn't "cooperating" with her. haha. apparently it was hiding down super low and she couldn't see it very well. after a while the baby finally moved up and she got what she needed. she then got steve and showed us the baby. it was short. we maybe saw the baby for 2 minutes while she quickly took the pictures and labelled them. my half hour was up (if the baby had "cooperated" i am sure we would have been able to look at the baby for a longer length of time). oh well.
the baby was super active. he or she was moving its arms all over the place. at one point it stretched its neck out and threw it's head back. it was pretty crazy watching it all. SO different then the 10 weeks ultrasound. but i couldn't feel any of the movement. hopefully that will come soon.
we were told that i am measuring exactly as i should be for my dates. she also said that "everything looks great". so i guess that's good news!! the heart beat is 130 bpm. at my last doctor's appointment it was 140 bpm, all within norm. all excellent news!