Thursday, December 2, 2010


i have had pretty vivid dreams for years but it seem like now that i am pregnant (and up more in the night to go to the bathroom) i am remembering more dreams. some mornings i can remember 3 dreams from the night before. i thought that i would document some of my dreams since they are pretty odd.

on monday i saw one of my students at school and immediately asked her if her mom was ok. i had an intense feeling that something really bad had happened to her mom. well the student looked at me like i was slightly crazy and told me that her mom was fine. i realized that the reason i thought something was wrong was because i had dreamt that her mom had weird!

2 nights ago i dreamt that i was at my house (not the house i live in now) alone one evening and this guy broke in and tried to attack me. then one of my sisters (in real life she is a colleague, not my sister) arrived and the guy forced me down the stairs to where she was. my "sister" saw me and said hi. the guy pushed me down the stairs and attacked my "sister". he slammed the back of her head into a counter. she passed out and was lying on the floor. then another one of my "sisters" came in (yup, another girl i work with in real life) and she was also attacked (her head was hit into the dryer). 2 more "sisters" came in (one is a girl from work and the other a girl i went to college with) and they were also knocked out but they both died. the guy then showed me pictures of the attack and a movie. he then uploaded it onto his blog and left. i checked on my sisters who were still alive. they were ok. it turned out that one of them was 31 weeks pregnant and didn't look pregnant at all (which made me angry because i was 17 weeks and showing way more). she had an ultrasound in our house right then and the baby was fine. none of us seemed very this point i woke up. i got up and when i went back to bed i dreamt it all over. the only difference was that when the attacker showed up he was offering to take pictures for me and my friends on my front lawn....i was trying to take a picture of us all but was struggling. i thanked him for helping us. then i realized that he wasn't using my camera, he was using the camera my attacker had used. i all of a sudden realized that it was the same man and that he was going to do the same thing as last time, and he did. (which makes no sense because all 4 of my "sisters" were alive during round 2 of the attack but i knew that 2 of them had died previously).

last night i dreamt that i was taking this HUGE truck to the CO-OP gas station but didn't know if it should have diesel or regular. so i tried calling steve but he wouldn't answer. then gas was pouring out of the top of the truck and spraying everywhere like rain. i kept thinking that i shouldn't be outside because the fumes would be bad for the baby but i really needed to fill up. then i noticed that it was full serve and was super frustrated that no one was there helping me.


  1. Oh my word!!! I have NEVER in my life had such vivid dreams! Too wacky!!!!! Heehee. It must be a relief to wake up!