Friday, December 24, 2010

christmas cookies

last christmas i was given a recipe for mint chocolate snowball cookies. i was pretty excited to make them......and eat them. :) i doubled the recipe and ended up with a TON of these cookies. i took a big tin of them to work and tried to pawn them off on people. 2 of the girls i work with helped me out and ate about 2 dozen that day. LOL. it was intense. since then they periodically talk about how yummy they were. when the christmas season hit both started asking me when i was going to make them again. i completely forgot. the last day of school came and i still hadn't made the cookies. so i invited the girls over to bake them with me and take their share home. only one of them could come but we had fun and made almost 3 dozen (which is what the recipe yields without being doubled....yeah....i had a lot of cookies last year). we made a big mess. one of the ingredients is "lots of icing sugar" and it's not kidding. the cookies are rolled in icing sugar before being baked and then rerolled when they come out or, like i did, you can sift icing sugar over them when hot. breanne took half of them home, i gave some to another friend and steve has been eating his way through what's left. baking is WAY more fun when it is done with someone and i think this is going to be a christmas tradition for years to come. :D
PS....most of that sugar fell off once the cookies had cooled. so don't let the picture deceive you.

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