Friday, December 17, 2010

squirm squirm

i am feeling movement now. i was expecting to feel "flutters" but whoever said that it feels like a flutter is insane....or else they felt something very different than what i am feeling. so it's not a strong kicking feeling but it's no flutter. a flutter sounds like a nice soft feeling, or else it would describe a nervous feeling (like having butterflies). i don't really know how to explain what i am feeling but it almost takes my breath away each time i feel it. it's not something i can ignore either. it's so weird to feel a tiny little foot or arm hitting you from the inside. if i had to explain it i would say it feels like when a small dog's tail hits against you, except on the inside. anyway, it's weird. haha


  1. Wow! How exciting. And weird! I can't imagine!

  2. oh weird! sheena, i am for sure not feeling that...or at least not yet.