Wednesday, December 29, 2010

resolutions update

last year i made some goals, not resolutions and today was the first time i looked at them since i wrote them. haha. i for sure feel good about some of them. i recycle a lot more, i did the 3-4x a week exercise thing on and off until i started feeling all sick and nasty during the first trimester. i am also more involved with church, teaching in sunday school (kid connection at our church) 2 sundays a month. i still need to work on gossiping less but i am getting better and checking my thoughts before they spew out, so that's a start. i haven't bought any books for a while (steve bought me the new sophie kinsella book but she's one of my fav authors so i just HAD to have it, and i bought a baby book, but i am reading it) but i also haven't read anything other than baby books for a while either. the cooking thing was going better during the summer,....again with the excuses....when i was feeling all sick at the sight or smell of food the cooking kind of lessened. ok, it really lessened! BUT this week i have cooked the 2 nights that steve has been home for dinner. GO ME!! and i have a meal all planned for whenever he gets home tonight. finally the money goal....this has been happening whether i want it to or not. we have been on a rather strict (or at least i find it to be strict) budget so that we can afford baby stuff. since we are back to our cash budget i only have an allotted amount that i can spend and that's it. i usually run out of money each month but i have gotten smart. i take out half of each months money on the 1st and then if i run out it's all good because on the 15th i take out the other half. usually by the second week i am running low or completely out because i like going out for meals with friends or going to the movies or whatever. the budget has helped me to be more aware of where the money goes and to appreciate it more (cause i usually end up not having any....haha). i think i am going to avoid making any more goals. there is enough stuff coming my way that is going to be a challenge (you know with the baby and all that) so that's enough to tackle for now. it'll be a year of growth regardless.

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