Wednesday, November 25, 2009

a must see

last night i went to Telus Tuesday at Colossus (if you don't know what that is you must live in a hole) with 4 awesome ladies. we decided to see Blindside. I was pretty excited cause it looked really good in the previews. one of those movies that seemed clean and yet still funny, heartwarming and believable. i went in with VERY high expectations. OH..........MY..........GOSH!! phenomenal! seriously one of the best movies i have ever seen. i like all kinds of movies, i own all kinds of movies but the classics are usually the ones i LOVE. for example i love little women, pride and prejudice.....stuff like that. there are very few movies that aren't based on books that i LOVE. don't get me wrong. i really enjoy action movies and i am really into war movies and murder mysteries, but there is something captivating about dramas. they cause you to have strong feelings, often many different feelings. Blindside grabbed me. i was right there with them, or so it felt. i felt sick when Big Mike spoke of his past and the hardships in this life. i teared up when he showed appreciation to the family who were caring for him. i felt proud of him for his accomplishments and amazed by the family's kindness and generosity. it's a movie that challenged me to be a better person in many areas. at the end it showed pictures of the real people, since it's based on a true story. oh man, i can not do this movie justice. it was just SO great! all 5 of us girls loved it. i will for sure see it again and i will probably buy it when it comes out. it's a must see!

Monday, November 16, 2009

booooo!!!!! menu changes!

Why do restaurants have to take yummy things off their menu? I don't get it. If people order the dish, why remove it? That is one of my issues with chain restaurants. Some high up fool at the head office decides to remove the yummy appetizer of the deliciously juicy entree and leaves some of us bothered and hungry! Example: today i went to earls with steve. we were so excited to go there because it has been closed for about 2 months for some much needed renos. i was really looking forward to eating pan bread and edamane beans. i open my menu but couldn't find the edamane.....what? this menu must be wrong, they can't NOT have them. "excuse me, do you still have edamane beans?" "oh, no sorry, we took them off the menu about 2 months ago." NOOOOOOO. my favourite restaurant is no longer my favourite because i can't have my lovely beans. Another example: Cactus Club. They used to have a yummy dish called Maui Chicken. The chicken was marinated in a scrumptious sauce, topped off with pineapple, and served with mashed potatoes and veggies. DE-LIC-IOUS! But of course, they can't keep it on the menu, nnnnooo, they have to change it up. GRRRRR!!!!! since i am so picky i have enough trouble finding food to eat at restaurants. I can usually find one meal or appy that i enjoy at any given american restaurant, but that's about it. when they start taking options away from me i loose restaurants that i can eat at. so annoying!