Wednesday, September 7, 2011

good-bye car, hello....uummmm....scooter? read that right. we are getting rid of one of our cars and have purchased a scooter. this seemed like an excellent idea originally. we would buy a scooter for approximately half the price of what our car is worth, pay only $20/month in insurance plus a little bit on gas and save all that insurance money and gas money that we have been pouring out on the car each month. sounds good right? it is good....when the scooter works. it feels great to save all that money. the problem is that TWICE this week the scooter would not start. we had to have it picked up and it is now getting fixed. that meant waking jacob early in order for me to drive steve to work. hopefully it will get fixed and we won't have problems again for a LONG time! overall this is a great financial decision for us. we really want to get an SUV before we have kid number 2 but we don't want to finance it or buy it on credit so this will make it possible for us to save up money for that SUV plus it is doing the environment a little favour too.