Friday, April 29, 2011

early labour

on april 20th i had my 37 week appointment. i told my dr. that i had been experiencing some contraction-like cramping on and off for a few days. after we chatted about what exactly i was feeling she told me that i am in early labour. YAHOO, i thought. at the end of my appointment she said "well, i wouldn't be surprised if you don't make it to next week's appointment. so maybe i will be seeing you before then at the hospital". wow. that was exciting for me. i left there wondering if i should be going out to abbotsford like i had planned. i started to have more and more contractions that day but they were all over the place. sometimes around 5 mins apart, sometimes an hour apart. so i continued with my day like nothing was happening. i FULLY expected that within that week i would be having this baby. well....the contractions basically stopped. dang. but i still kind of thought that this might happen soon. i know that i can go overdue by 10 days before being induced so technically i might not have this baby until may 21st-ish. but i was telling myself that it won't be that long. i have become increasingly more uncomfortable. my back aches a lot along with some other annoying symptoms. BUT on with life we go. had my 38 weeks appointment 2 days ago and i am 2cm dilated. she didn't say anything about me having this baby before my next appointment so i started to realize that she isn't thinking that i am going to be early. but again, i am still telling myself that this is going to happen soon. people keep telling me that i "look ready". the doctor said that the baby is very low. i feel cramping on and off each day. these all sound like things that indicate real active labour starting soon....but what is "soon". i read in my "what to expect when you're expecting" book last night that early labour can go on for "hours, days or week"....WEEKS. it's been 2 weeks already since i started getting this cramping. PLEASE OH PLEASE BABY come SOONER rather than later. like....anytime in the next week. i really don't know how much more of this discomfort and lack of sleep i can take. i am up every 1-2 hours in the night. my hips KILL when i lie on them. my back hurts basically all the time. i am exhausted from only sleeping around 4 hours each night. i need at least some of these things to let off. i don't mind the lack of sleep on its on own. but the combination of a lot of pain at night and then the pain not really subsiding much during the day is frustrating. this could be a long month.

p.s. i KNOW that i won't be getting much sleep once the baby comes, so there is no need to make any comments about how the sleeping thing won't change once the baby is here. i have had sleeping problems for years. i know what it is like to not sleep much and i can cope with it just fine when i am not in this kind of pain. thx. :P

my brother - the singer/songwriter

my brother has taught himself how to play the piano and is now teaching himself to play the guitar. he has also recently started to write some music. follow the link below to hear 2 of his songs. i personally recommend Shipwrecked!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

getting lazy

those who know me well know that i am slightly neurotic when it comes to cleaning and clutter. it's hard for me to walk away when i see something that needs to be fixed. steve can probably tell you, well....complain about, how we will be getting ready to go to bed and i will see something that needs to get done and i just can't let it go. i have to do it. sometimes i go to bed 30 minutes later than planned because i see a bunch of things that i "need" to do. don't get me wrong, my house isn't perfectly clean, but it's pretty good but not perfect. i do have piles of papers on my counter or books on my coffee table, but generally i hit a limit and i HAVE to tidy up. lately this has been difficult for me. i have this constant debate going on in my mind: "that needs to be cleaned up. i can't handle that stuff sitting there." "i don't feel like moving from this couch. maybe i can ignore it because i really don't have any energy right now." back and forth, back and forth. sometimes steve will come home from work and i will have a list on the counter of things i need to get done and he will do it all for me. here is the problem with that....i now want to make a list everyday. that way everything will get done that i want done but i won't actually have to do it. haha. i am so evil. well steve is in calgary right now. so making a list wouldn't accomplish anything. my nieces were over today and my one niece LOVES books. she comes in my house, heads straight upstairs to the book shelf and starts reading. i love it. BUT i am crazy when it comes to how my books are organized. so now there is a pile of books that need to be put back in their "proper" place. i have walked into my den a few times to put them away and then walked right back out because it would require me sitting on the floor and getting up off the floor sucks. so i left the "mess". i also have banana peels in my garbage that i know will start smelling soon so i SHOULD empty the garbage, but i don't want to. that would require me going to the basement to the garage and if i am going to empty the garbage i should empty the bathroom garbage cans from the 2 upstairs bathrooms but again, i don't want to do it. well i WANT to, but feel too lazy. the curtains in the baby's room are all pinned and ready to be hemmed but i am too lazy to get up on a chair, take the curtains off the rod and hem them. i want it done, but don't want to do it. i noticed that a bird crapped on the table on our patio....again, too lazy to clean it. these are all things that i would normally do IMMEDIATELY but lately i am getting more and more lazy. i keep hoping that the "nesting" energy will kick in so i can get some of this stuff done. maybe this will help prepare me for the disaster that my house will be once we have children running around.

Friday, April 15, 2011

"mommy choice"

this is a book from 2 students in my grade 4 class. they made it for me and gave it to me today (my last day of work before mat. leave). i typed out the text in case you can't read it. i think it's pretty awesome!!!

the cover

"once upon a time there were babies up in heaven who chose their moms. this baby was having a hard time choosing."

"the first mom was a superstar. she looked nice and good. but was too careless. so she was not the one"
"next was a sports woman. she was rough and tough but she was just not right. she looked like a scary evil woman."

"after he looked at a country woman (a farm lady). she worked hard and she was quiet and peaceful. he thought yes then changed his mind."

"he was tired but kept going. he found a lady. this time she was a plain woman. nothing special. she was not the one."

"he next found a presidents wife. she was not really happy. she had no privacy. she had two sons already so no."

"he looked for three hours straight!! then he found a professor lady. she was saying about how her child would be the smartest child in the world."

"he looked and looked and found a widow. not cool. she had three sons and two daughters. too much kids he thought."

"finally he found the one! she was a school assistant. she was nice and had glasses. she helped kids who had hard times. her name was mrs dyck."

"when he was born he was happy. his name was a name that was a mystery. he loved his mom and lived happy."

"when he was in grad four he had new friends named hosua and stewart. his mom had another baby and was named a mystery name."

"when the age fifteen he was a cool and popular dude. he was nice, funny and helpful. he helped his mom and had one brother and one sister."

"when he went to college he had lots of advanced things, got a awesome job and had a new house. things were awesome for him but all because of he chose the right mom. THE END"

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

AFI's 100 movies in 100 years

the american film institute has a list of what they consider to be the top 100 movies in 100 years. i always like to hear what movies i "should" see. i don't want to always watch silly movies with no content. i like to learn something or see a movie that has impacted our culture majorly. looking at this list there are MANY movies i have never seen and some i have never heard of. are there any movies that are on this list that you LOVED? if so, i want to know. i will rent it. the ones i have seen are in red. i have only seen 21 out of the 100 and some of them i didn't enjoy. 1. Citizen Kane 1941 2. Casablanca 1942 3. The Godfather 1972 4. Gone with the Wind 1939 5. Lawrence of Arabia 1962 6. The Wizard of Oz 1939 7. The Graduate 1967 8. On the Waterfront 1954 9. Schindler's List 1993 10. Singin' in the Rain 1952 11. It's a Wonderful Life 1946 12. Sunset Blvd. 1950 13. The Bridge on the River Kwai 1957 14. Some Like It Hot 1959 15. Star Wars 1977 16. All About Eve 1950 17. The African Queen 1951 18. Psycho 1960 19. Chinatown 1974 20. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest 1975 21. The Grapes of Wrath 1940 22. 2001: A Space Odyssey 1968 23. The Maltese Falcon 1941 24. Raging Bull 1980 25. E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial 1982 26. Dr. Strangelove 1964 27. Bonnie and Clyde 1967 28. Apocalypse Now 1979 29. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington 1939 30. The Treasure of the Sierra Madre 1948 31. Annie Hall 1977 32. The Godfather Part II 1974 33. High Noon 1952 34. To Kill a Mockingbird 1962 35. It Happened One Night 1934 36. Midnight Cowboy 1969 37. The Best Years of Our Lives 1946 38. Double Indemnity 1944 39. Doctor Zhivago 1965 40. North by Northwest 1959 41. West Side Story 1961 42. Rear Window 1954 43. King Kong 1933 44. The Birth of a Nation 1915 45. A Streetcar Named Desire 1951 46. A Clockwork Orange 1971 47. Taxi Driver 1976 48. Jaws 1975 49. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 1937 50. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid 1969 51. The Philadelphia Story 1940 52. From Here to Eternity 1953 53. Amadeus 1984 54. All Quiet on the Western Front 1930 55. The Sound of Music 1965 56. MASH 1970 57. The Third Man 1949 58. Fantasia 1940 59. Rebel Without a Cause 1955 60. Raiders of the Lost Ark 1981 61. Vertigo 1958 62. Tootsie 1982 63. Stagecoach 1939 64. Close Encounters of the Third Kind 1977 65. The Silence of the Lambs 1991 66. Network 1976 67. The Manchurian Candidate 1962 68. An American in Paris 1951 69. Shane 1953 70. The French Connection 1971 71. Forrest Gump 1994 72. Ben-Hur 1959 73. Wuthering Heights 1939 74. The Gold Rush 1925 75. Dances with Wolves 1990 76. City Lights 1931 77. American Graffiti 1973 78. Rocky 1976 79. The Deer Hunter 1978 80. The Wild Bunch 1969 81. Modern Times 1936 82. Giant 1956 83. Platoon 1986 84. Fargo 1996 85. Duck Soup 1933 86. Mutiny on the Bounty 1935 87. Frankenstein 1931 88. Easy Rider 1969 89. Patton 1970 90. The Jazz Singer 1927 91. My Fair Lady 1964 92. A Place in the Sun 1951 93. The Apartment 1960 94. Goodfellas 1990 95. Pulp Fiction 1994 96. The Searchers 1956 97. Bringing Up Baby 1938 98. Unforgiven 1992 99. Guess Who's Coming to Dinner 1967 100. Yankee Doodle Dandy 1942

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

diaper changing

my class had a little party for me today and one of the girls gave me a card and drew this on the inside. haha!!! i LOVE how steve is crying.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Monday, April 4, 2011

baby's first free dessert

went to montana's for dinner tonight. at the end of my meal the waitress asked if i would like some ice cream. she said it wasn't for me it was for the baby. so i got the kids dessert for free. what a nice treat! ...and yes, i shared with steve.