Friday, April 15, 2011

"mommy choice"

this is a book from 2 students in my grade 4 class. they made it for me and gave it to me today (my last day of work before mat. leave). i typed out the text in case you can't read it. i think it's pretty awesome!!!

the cover

"once upon a time there were babies up in heaven who chose their moms. this baby was having a hard time choosing."

"the first mom was a superstar. she looked nice and good. but was too careless. so she was not the one"
"next was a sports woman. she was rough and tough but she was just not right. she looked like a scary evil woman."

"after he looked at a country woman (a farm lady). she worked hard and she was quiet and peaceful. he thought yes then changed his mind."

"he was tired but kept going. he found a lady. this time she was a plain woman. nothing special. she was not the one."

"he next found a presidents wife. she was not really happy. she had no privacy. she had two sons already so no."

"he looked for three hours straight!! then he found a professor lady. she was saying about how her child would be the smartest child in the world."

"he looked and looked and found a widow. not cool. she had three sons and two daughters. too much kids he thought."

"finally he found the one! she was a school assistant. she was nice and had glasses. she helped kids who had hard times. her name was mrs dyck."

"when he was born he was happy. his name was a name that was a mystery. he loved his mom and lived happy."

"when he was in grad four he had new friends named hosua and stewart. his mom had another baby and was named a mystery name."

"when the age fifteen he was a cool and popular dude. he was nice, funny and helpful. he helped his mom and had one brother and one sister."

"when he went to college he had lots of advanced things, got a awesome job and had a new house. things were awesome for him but all because of he chose the right mom. THE END"


  1. That is so AWESOME!!!!!! You have to keep that forever!!! I love it so much :)

  2. oh i will. it will go in the baby book.

  3. that's pretty funny! are those the two kids' names that your son will be friends with when he gets to grade 4? do they realize that they will 20 by that time? haha. love it.