Saturday, January 22, 2011

trying not to think this far ahead....

so i know delivery and whatever is going to not be a fun experience. i try not to think about it too much because i know i will probably panic and over plan (which often makes me more paniky until i feel like i have control of the situation....which i won't ever have control so why over plan?). well today i heard someone talk about delivery (on TV) in a different way,'s got me kinda freaked out. here is what was said (with some words changed to less offensive terms):

B: I wanna hear what kind of pain this is?
C: It's like a massive cramp that takes over your whole body and makes it so you can't move.
B: Why do people want to not do the drugs?
C: I have no idea.
B: I am all for the drugs.
Am I going to crap myself when I give birth?
C: Yes. (said with a big smile)
B: Great. I can't wait. (clearly sarcastic)
C: But the thing that nobody tells you about is afterwards.
B: It's a hot mess down there, right?
C: Yeah.
B: So you're like ice-packing your crotch and breast feeding your baby?
C: And like peeing yourself.
B: And peeing yourself?
C: Yeah, like when you laugh or sneeze. It's fun.

......need i say more?

OH and B stands for bethenny and C is for birth she must really know what she is talking about.

Friday, January 21, 2011


so a few weeks ago i went in for acupuncture. i had a somewhat odd acupuncture experience a few years ago so i was a little weary to try again. i decided to try someone new and female (last time i saw an asian man and i could barely understand what he was saying most of the time and that made for some awkward moments).

i went in to this appointment with expectations. seeing as i had done this acupuncture thing once before i had an idea of what it would entail. see i am not a big fan of needles. i have had plenty of blood tests in the past and i don't really mind it but i don't want to see the needle. if i don't see it i am totally fine. what i failed to take into consideration is that i am pregnant. being pregnant i do not lie on my stomach therefore i do not lie face down. i have had issues with my hip so i knew i wouldn't be on my back either. lying on my side meant that there would be a possibility that i would see needles. it started out ok. some in my hip, some in my ankles and knees. then she put some in my wrists (which were right by my head. i tried not to look at them). then she stuck one in the top of my HEAD!!! into my scalp (i wasn't a fan of that one)!! and her little quip about it was "don't let me forget to take that one out. haha" HAHA???? seriously? it's not funny. i kept counting how many needles she was putting in so that i could make sure the same number came out of my skin at the end. i was relieved that i couldn't see the needle in my scalp. but then she did the unthinkable.....she put one right between my eyebrows. there was no avoiding seeing that one. i tried to keep my eyes closed but i didn't want her to think that i was falling asleep or found it at all relaxing. apparently that spot is your "zen" spot....or something and it's suppose to relax you. HA! yeah right!

i went back for another treatment yesterday and she did the same thing again but did WAY more needles in my hip and low back. i, again, kept a count of how many went in. i also had some B12 injections done to help stop the muscle tension i have been experiencing in my one hip. all in all i had 28 needles poked into me yesterday. some hurt a little, some didn't hurt at all. lets hope this actually works!!!

Friday, January 7, 2011

11 step program

a facebook friend sent me this today. i had a good chuckle over it, but there was also a voice in my head saying "oh my word what am i doing?"