Wednesday, November 17, 2010

due date change

today i had a brief moment of complete shock and excitement. then logic hit me and that elation died. here's the story.

at the doctor's. 15 weeks today and excited to hear the heart beat. all was well. we heard it, it was pretty cool and very strong. woot woot!! then the doctor checked my dates again to see what my due date was going to be (this happens every time i have gone to the doctor. i know how far along i am and i know my dates so i don't need him to do this every this what they always do?). he told me that i am 18 weeks and 2 days and that my due date is april 18th. WHAT??? YAY!!!! i am almost half way done! this is SO AWESOME!! then logic sinks in. last time my due date was may 11th. how did i skip 3 weeks? i had an ultrasound on oct. 13th and i was 10 weeks....that was 5 weeks ago. i am so confused. if i was 10 weeks last month how am i over 8 weeks further along? "8 weeks is just short of 2 months. it hasn't been 2 months!" steve and i spent a good 5-10 minutes explaining our case and how, sadly, i can't be that far along. the doctor remeasured my fundus and said that it's hard to measure on me (stupid tilted uterus!) so he can't totally tell. again, i went into my logic. he showed me the wheel thingy they use for dates and it said 18 weeks and 2 days. but i still don't care. i know i am right. after more talking he is convinced. he realized he was doing the wheel thing wrong and we had a good laugh (he was putting it as 13 weeks on oct. 10th, rather than 10 weeks on oct. 13th). SHOOT!! i almost wanted to just go along with it cause then i could tell everyone that i am 18 weeks and not 15....but really that wouldn't get me anywhere. i wouldn't have the baby earlier and the next ultrasound would show that he was wrong. oh well. it was exciting for a few seconds. he did change my due date....from may 11th to may 12th. dang. further away....but 12 is my fav number so whatever!

Monday, November 15, 2010


this might make a lot of women mad, but i am gonna say it anyways. besides this is MY blog and i can say whatever i want right? right? oh boy, i hope so.

for years now i have secretly HATED it when women say a certain thing. if i could roll my eyes at you without it being obviously rude, i would have. i probably was thinking it but smiling on the outside not knowing what to say. i wouldn't have wanted to lie and agree with you, but i also wouldn't have wanted to say what i am about to say to your face. i know, it's bad and pathetic of me. i finally feel like, because i am pregnant, that i can say this and no one can throw the "you've never been pregnant so what do you know?" thing in my face. i am now, hopefully, entitled to my opinion. here it goes.

why do women get all upset and annoyed when people say that they are pregnant for nine months? why do women feel the need to correct people and say "TEN months"?? seriously? i know it's gonna be a lllooooonnnngggg haul and women always want the baby out sooner than the little one is supposed to be born, and it's hard and tiring and many women are sick. i get it (well not fully, cause i haven't actually gotten to the end of a pregnancy before, but i am trying to put myself in their shoes). but why exaggerate? yes the logic is that a pregnancy lasts for 40 weeks. if you say that there are 4 weeks each month then that gives you 10 months. here is MY argument.

1.) you are considered pregnant from the first day of your last cycle. you hadn't even conceived at the point....not for another 2 really it's at least 2 weeks less than the 40 weeks that you are actually pregnant.

2.) most women find out that they are pregnant 2 weeks after conception (i had pregnancy symptoms a week before i could even take a test, but that is rare and that did not happen in either of my 2 previous pregnancies). so really you only know about your pregnancy for 36 weeks of the so called "40". that, right there, knocks a month off.

3.) lets say we count the 2 weeks from conception to finding out that you are pregnant, lets even say that we count the 2 weeks prior to conception (which i TOTALLY don't understand. if those 2 weeks count then for every month that you have a cycle you are pregnant for 2 of those weeks). so we are back to the 40 weeks. first of all there is only 1 month in the WHOLE year that has only 4 weeks (28 days). all but 1 month have a minimum of 30 days. 40 weeks is 280 days. lets break this down by using my dates as an example.

5 of the months that i will be pregnant for have 31 days.
3 have 30 days.
1 has 28 days

if i were to go by the whole 'each month has 4 weeks (28 days)' thing then i would be skipping a bunch of days. 5 months that have 31 days has a total of 155 days. if i went on the logic of each month having 28 days then those five months would only have 140 days. i am skipping 15 days with that logic. three months with 30 days is 90 days. if i went with the 28 day theory it would be 84 days. again i am skipping days, this time it is 6 days. that is 21 days (3 weeks) in total that i am not counting. that is only 9 days short of a 30 day month, the 10th month that some women claim to be pregnant for.

here is where the possibility of too much info comes in, but i am sure most of you know how to do the math to figure this out on your own anyways so whatever. my last cycle began around august 11th. my due date is may 11th. that is NINE months. it is also 40 weeks. i have counted the weeks a bunch of times.

ok. this rant is ending, i promise.

you don't have to agree with me, i obviously don't agree with all you ladies out there, so go ahead and write a blog post about how much you disagree with me. i can take it. afterall, i have dished it out.

thanks for reading all of my craziness.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

wheat and vomiting

ok, so over a month ago i read a section in my "what to expect when you're expecting" book about allergens. i kind of ignored it because it was talking about how if you had a peanut allergy then you should steer clear of peanuts while pregnant and nursing because if you eat that allergen your baby has a higher risk of having an allergy. i thought "i don't have and never have had any allergies, so let's move on". i have probably read that section twice since then and sort of skimmed it and forgot it.

today i was making my normal lunch (an apple and 2 rice cakes with melted cheese) and thinking about a comment that someone made to me about 2 weeks ago. this person said "lael, you're eating bread, i thought you only ate rice cakes?" i explained to that person that i do eat bread but prefer rice cakes because i had a wheat allergy for years and i grew accustom to having rice cakes instead of bread. as i was thinking about this today i realized I HAD AN ALLERGY!! lol. i am such an idiot. i called my mom and asked her a bunch of questions about this allergy of mine (i don't remember much about the symptoms because i was little. all i knew was that for years and years i couldn't eat wheat and as an adult i had issues with head aches when i would eat too much wheat). she told me that when i had a bunch of food introduced to me, fruit, veggies, meat and wheat, is when i started to get sick. they didn't know what was causing me to scream, cry and vomit at most meals. one day we were at a restaurant (i was under 2 years old at this point) and my mom gave me a piece of pizza crust to chew on and that was when i had a major attack. she didn't go into detail but i am imagining projectile vomit everywhere. yum yum. that was when my parents decided to take me off everything and introduce each food item slowly to figure out if it was wheat that was the issue. it was. from then until my late elementary years i only had rice cakes and rice bread, no form of wheat. i don't remember being allowed to eat wheat all of a sudden but apparently my parents slowly let me have small amounts of wheat until they could see that i was able to handle it.

so what does this mean? should i be cutting wheat out of my diet? honestly, my favourite meal lately is going to old spaghetti factory, ordering a bowl of minestrone soup (which has noodles in it) and eating lots of their free sourdough bread. AHHHHH. i am slightly panicking. i do NOT want our baby to have the allergy that i had (in part because i don't do vomit) or any allergy but i don't want to cut out wheat entirely if i don't need to. according to what i read it's more likely to pass allergies on while that is slightly good news but it still isn't a guarantee either way. another thing it says is that i might not pass on the same allergy as i have, but because i am an "allergic mother" my child could have an allergy to peanuts, dairy products or many other foods. ugh. i guess i'm a gonna have to ask my doctor about this one. sometimes i think too much reading actually makes me more paranoid.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

verbal insult

steve and i have had this ongoing disagreement/joke about how to pronounce the word "poor". i always say "p-or" and he says "p-oo-er". he is after me a lot for "mispronouncing" the word. i was beginning to actually believe that i was saying it wrong but i was too stubborn to admit it or change my ways. tonight he was at it again "it's not "P-OR" it's "P-OO-ER"!!"....whatever steve. so he decided to end this once and for all and find the pronunciation online. this is the link he found and played. basically it says "P-OR"!!!!! yup, that's right, i won. oh man it feels good!! it's been at least 2 years that he has been bugging me about this and now i can repay the favour by reminding him of this epic WIN for years to come.

oh and steve wants me to change my blog name to "verbal insult", hence this post's title. ;) yeah yeah steve, i bug you lots in here....but i equally....if not more often....make fun of myself.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

pregnant :D

yup. as you have all probably read on facebook i am pregnant....again. but this time is going much better! i had an ultrasound at 10 weeks and we saw the blob like thing that i was ensured was indeed a baby. we also saw the flickering of the heart beat. baby was busy moving around. it was so precious! i can't wait for the next ultrasound (at 18 weeks...i will be 13 weeks tomorrow). we will find out the gender and then start getting ready for this baby to arrive. the due date is may 11th. such a nice month for a birthday! steve is eager to take the guest room bed out of the future baby room and into the basement room. if he had his way that room would be empty and ready for baby furniture already. it's gonna be a fun 27 weeks to come!!!! :D