Monday, April 18, 2011

getting lazy

those who know me well know that i am slightly neurotic when it comes to cleaning and clutter. it's hard for me to walk away when i see something that needs to be fixed. steve can probably tell you, well....complain about, how we will be getting ready to go to bed and i will see something that needs to get done and i just can't let it go. i have to do it. sometimes i go to bed 30 minutes later than planned because i see a bunch of things that i "need" to do. don't get me wrong, my house isn't perfectly clean, but it's pretty good but not perfect. i do have piles of papers on my counter or books on my coffee table, but generally i hit a limit and i HAVE to tidy up. lately this has been difficult for me. i have this constant debate going on in my mind: "that needs to be cleaned up. i can't handle that stuff sitting there." "i don't feel like moving from this couch. maybe i can ignore it because i really don't have any energy right now." back and forth, back and forth. sometimes steve will come home from work and i will have a list on the counter of things i need to get done and he will do it all for me. here is the problem with that....i now want to make a list everyday. that way everything will get done that i want done but i won't actually have to do it. haha. i am so evil. well steve is in calgary right now. so making a list wouldn't accomplish anything. my nieces were over today and my one niece LOVES books. she comes in my house, heads straight upstairs to the book shelf and starts reading. i love it. BUT i am crazy when it comes to how my books are organized. so now there is a pile of books that need to be put back in their "proper" place. i have walked into my den a few times to put them away and then walked right back out because it would require me sitting on the floor and getting up off the floor sucks. so i left the "mess". i also have banana peels in my garbage that i know will start smelling soon so i SHOULD empty the garbage, but i don't want to. that would require me going to the basement to the garage and if i am going to empty the garbage i should empty the bathroom garbage cans from the 2 upstairs bathrooms but again, i don't want to do it. well i WANT to, but feel too lazy. the curtains in the baby's room are all pinned and ready to be hemmed but i am too lazy to get up on a chair, take the curtains off the rod and hem them. i want it done, but don't want to do it. i noticed that a bird crapped on the table on our patio....again, too lazy to clean it. these are all things that i would normally do IMMEDIATELY but lately i am getting more and more lazy. i keep hoping that the "nesting" energy will kick in so i can get some of this stuff done. maybe this will help prepare me for the disaster that my house will be once we have children running around.


  1. What if the baby get's into the ribbon drawer?? What if there is so much stuff that we can't even have a ribbon drawer???

  2. hehe!! love it! i have a new plan for my wrapping supplies. i have this whole big idea in my head for how i want to organize it! i can't wait to buy the supplies to make it happen. :D

  3. i just tidied my books. i still need to take care of the garbage and put all my work stuff away that i packed up last week. :P