Friday, December 10, 2010


does anyone have nice and peaceful mornings before work? you know the kind. you get up. put on a bathrobe. go to the kitchen and make some tea or coffee. sip your hot beverage while reading the newspaper and eating a yummy breakfast. slowly make your way back upstairs. get dressed. do your hair and head to work. do your morning looks like that? here is what my mornings looks like: alarm goes off. nope not getting up, too tired. reset alarm. alarm goes off again. lie there for another 10 minutes. shoot! gotta get up i have to leave in less than 30 minutes. brush teeth. quickly change. throw on makeup. attempt to fix hair. run downstairs. throw cheese, rice cakes and an apple into my lunch bag. grab a granola bar and head out the door. dang....not fun! what's the trick? go to bed earlier so i can get up earlier? is it worth it? do those morning actually exist? or do most people do mornings like i do?

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