Wednesday, December 22, 2010

registration for birth

went to the hospital to register for the birth today. my doctor had given me the pamphlet for registrations when i went in for my 10 week visit. that pamphlet has been stuck on my fridge for the last 10 weeks. he told me to go to the hospital between 18 and 20 weeks. i then read the pamphlet and it said to go in at 20 weeks. so today we went in. 3 other pregnant ladies were there registering and they were all HUGE!! gonna pop any day!! i started to think that maybe i was registering too soon but the pamphlet said to do it at 20 weeks and my doctor said before 20 weeks. i filled out all the paper work then talked with the nurse. she seemed surprised that i was registering already. crap. now i look like such an eager beaver!! i can't even book labour and birth classes yet because they aren't booking that far in advance. dang. now i am looking really stupid. i was able to book our tour of the maternity ward. at least that is something. do people not usually follow what the pamphlet says? do other people's doctors not tell them to go in around this time? am i a total loser? i don't like standing out this way. i rather not be registering late or early. i would rather blend in to the middle group. ugh. oh well. nothing much i can do about that now. the good thing is that the nurse seemed really nice. that's a good start and the maternity ward actually looked pretty nice too (in comparison to the rest of LMH). oh well.


  1. It doesn't make you look stupid or like an eager beaver. It makes you look organized and prepared. And why do you care so much about what people think of you? Listen to me carefully: it doesn't matter what ANYONE thinks of you. What matters is what you think of yourself. You can't please everyone at once and you certainly can't control other peoples thoughts or opinions so why try to? Just be who you are - be the person that you and God want you to be and forget the rest. When you actually live this, you will be SO MUCH happier. I will never forget the day I realized - I don't like everyone I meet and not everyone has to like me and that's okay. It was the most freeing moment of my life and I have been a MUCH happier and contented person since. And, strangely enough, now I seem to have more friends and more people like me than ever before. It's because I am now a genuine person and not always trying to be who I think everyone wants me to be.

    If you can grasp this concept and run with it, it WILL change your life.


  2. Sandy, that is something I for sure need to work on. I wear my heart on my sleeve and constantly analyze everyone's thoughts (or what I am assuming to be their thoughts which could be FAR from reality). something to keep plugging away at. Thanks!

  3. Lael...that's a good time to go in...that's when they would like everyone to go in...the nurse was probably surprised because some people leave it really late and you were on time (ie. not too early)...and maybe the other moms were having twins or something...and depending on where you go for prenatal, you can book don't need to take them yet, probably, but I know you can book into June in Abbotsford, which is far after you'd need them! You don't look look like a mom who is looking forward to having her baby which is a really good thing! As a nurse, if you showed up doing just what you did, I'd hope to be the one who was working when you came in labouring...try not to stress too much...just enjoy every minute of anticipation! I'm so excited for you guys! :) -A.

  4. PS - It says "Mike said" but you know it wasn't him! LOL! :)