Sunday, December 19, 2010

personal space bubbles

yesterday as i was driving around langley i was getting thoroughly annoyed with people who were driving RIGHT on my tail. i started thinking that maybe my 'personal space bubble' is just bigger than other's and that maybe those drivers aren't too close for most people, they are just too close for me. i was told recently that canadians have the biggest personal space bubbles, followed by americans and then europeans. makes sense. we live in less populated countries and therefore we are used to having our own space and not having to smell the person standing near us. i wonder if this transfers to our driving? in places like asia, central and south america and africa people drive like lunatics! they weave in and out of traffic, they drive super close to the person in front of them and beside them. we don't do that here. or if you do do that people get annoyed with you and possibly yell and swear at you (i was annoyed but didn't do either of those things :D). when steve and i were in vegas this past october we had a run in with a whole bus load of tourists from another (unmentioned) country while at a gelato stand. there was a long line up for gelato which we joined and patiently waited our turn. people kept pushing us and leaning against us and cutting in line. when we finally made our way to the gelato counter one of the staffers asked us what we would like and one of the tourists started yelling over us and waved a $100 bill around in hopes of being served first. this man was leaning over us with this whole chest again my back. where is the PERSONAL SPACE??? dude, we don't do that here. back off! is that all it is? just different cultural space bubbles? i dunno. anyway, just thought i would share this random thought trail i had.

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