Tuesday, May 11, 2010

stay out of it lael

i have been witnessing a major injustice lately. most days when i drive to school i pass 2 kids on my way up my street. there is a girl around age 6 and a boy around age 9. i believe they are brother and sister. my street has a rather steep hill with a school at the top. each time i see them the little girl has her pink backpack on her back and a black backpack around her front. the boy has no backpack. of course the first few times i was SO angry!! this brother should be helping his little sister, not making her carry his stuff! one day i was so proud of her because i saw her drop his bag and walk on up the hill. he was yelling at her and she just kept going. i was silently cheering for her as i approached them on the hill. just as i was passing she ran back and picked up his bag again. NOOOO!!!! why?? be strong little one. grrrr!! i wish i could find out where they live and tell their mother that her son is bullying her precious little daughter. but of course that would be weird so i will keep out of it.

another weird thing i see most days on my way to work is a 15ish year old boy who apparently doesn't know how to button up his shirt. he has long brown hair and blows in the wind as he walks. he is always listening to his ipod and has low riding jeans on. and then he has a button up shirt, that is UNBUTTONED all the time....and he wears nothing underneath it! it's not that warm out, he is a child and he looks ridiculous! what is he thinking? does he really think that people are driving past him and not laughing or barfing when they see him? i feel like gaging everytime. i just don't get it. this morning i was very close to pulling over and telling him that (like I would tell the students in my social skills group) his actions make me think weird things about him. again, i won't actually get involved. when he grows up he will think back on this and realize how crazy he was.

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  1. I would have to pull over and say something to the kid who makes his sister carry the backpack. That's just horrible. The poor girl. Maybe you could find out where they live and tell the mom. I don't think it's weird and if I was the mom, I'd want to know.