Tuesday, May 18, 2010

header frustrations

ahhhh i can not get my stupid image to fit properly in the header of my blog. what am i doing wrong? fellow blogger friends, HELP! i had a pic up but it didn't fit in the box properly. i was too lazy to fix it at the time so i tried tonight. i couldn't get that image to work. so i chose a different one and it was HUGE!!! i don't know what to do. i have seen other blogs where their picture fits perfectly in their header box. i am so technologically challenged. :S advice?


  1. i usually open my header pic in a word document, change the size, then re-save. then i open that photo for my header. i wish i could figure out how to do much cooler headers but i'm challenged too. hope that helps a little...?

  2. sadly i don't have word yet....still trying to get everything on this computer. thanks though! once i get word i will try that.