Saturday, May 29, 2010

phones and Bieber and bears! OH MY!

one day recently at work i was helping in a kindergarten class. the kids were working on writing "g" words and "h" words. one of the students in the class who requires extra help could not seem to focus while in the class. she was doing everything EXCEPT copying the words off the board. i decided that it would be best for her to work with me in the hall. we got in the hall and she wrote a couple of words before she decided that her "brain" needed a "rest". she rambled on about a few things to me while i just kept saying
"oh yeah, sounds like fun. now we need to get back to work."
"wow, that's awesome. ok it's time to keep working."
"very nice. if you don't finish your work soon then you will miss all of center time."

she didn't care.

all of a sudden she says to me
"oh! my phone is ringing (she takes out imaginary phone). hello? oh HI Justin Bieber! (i am tyring really hard, but not so successfully, to hide my smile) yes, it's so nice to talk with you. OH yes, I would LOVE to come to your concert. Ok, I will see you at 1 o'clock tonight. bye." (she puts away the 'phone')
me: "that was Justin Bieber?"
student: "yup!"
me: "you like him?"
student: "he is my ABSOLUTE favourite singer!!! OH my phone is ringing again. (takes out 'phone' from pocket) hello? oh hi Justin Bieber (i love how she calls him by his full name). oh yes, i will ask my dad. ok see you tonight at 1 o'clock. bye." she turns to me and says " he said i need to ask my dad first. but i just KNOW that my dad will say yes!"
me: "well it sounds like it will be fun. now we really need to get more work done. it's center time and we have only done half of the work we need to do."
student: "i am so excited about the concert. it's going to be GREAT!!"
me: "lets do more of this work and then you can go into class and tell everyone what Justin said to you!!" (i was trying to sound SO excited about that so she would be too. oh the joys of kindergarten.)

student writes one word. phew!

student: "i miss the lady in the brown tights."
me:"who is the lady in the brown tights?"
student:"you know! the one who comes every friday? she has brown TIGHTS. but she's not coming on fridays ever again" (big sad pout!)
me:"no. i don't know who that is"
student: "i need a hug" (puts arms out for a huge hug)
me: "i think you are avoiding your work."
student: "i miss the lady in the brown tights." (still pouting and then she lies her head on my lap and hugs my legs)
me: "we are almost finished your work. only a few more words. lets get this finished!!"
student: (quickly sits up and has big smile on her face and puts her arms in the air) "i know what will help! blow in my nose!"
me: "what? no. i am not going to blow in your nose."
student: "just like this." (she tries to blow in my nose. i back away)
me: "no thank you. i don't want to have my nose blown in."
student: "please! it will help me not miss the lady in the brown tights."
me: (i just want this work to be finished, but i am finding this way too funny!!! so i do a quick blow from far away, no where near her nose)
student: "not like that! but boy your breath smells nice! what did you eat for lunch?"
me: "i had a mint after lunch. i am sure that is what you are smelling."
student: "mmmm. it smells lovely! but what did you eat for lunch?"
me: "some potatoes and a piece of bread with cheese." (very healthy, i know :P )
student: "YUM! (arms in air again) that sounds GREAT! i had forest meat!"
me: "what's forest meat (trying really hard not to laugh but it kind of came out laughy anyways)?"
student: "it's when you kill a bear. take all its fur off. then you cut the meat in STRIPS! my dad put 2 slices in my sandwich and i LOVE it!!"
me: "wow. you're a lucky girl. now we are going to finish your last 3 words because i have to go to a different class now."
student: "oh all right."

finally it's done and i leave with a huge smile on my face. that kid always makes me laugh. usually i don't let her ramble on so much but i was loving her stories so much and i knew her teacher wasn't worried about it getting finished quickly. the practicum student who was working with someone else just down the hall from me kept laughing too. it was awesome!!


  1. even though I already heard that story before, I am laughing SO hard can be SO hilarious!!! my goodness, her poor parents must just be at the LIMIT!!!!

  2. this is CRAZY! i cannot believe this is a first grader! so funny! well written. i feel like i was there. :)