Wednesday, May 5, 2010

cinco de mayo

been married for 3 years as of today (yes Cinco de Mayo....had no idea that holiday even existed until after we had decided on the date and sent out invitations)!!!!!! still super happy being married to my best friend. :D
many embarrassing things happened on the wedding day. i don't want to go into all of them cause some will make me look like a complete fool (such as my speech to my maid of honour...complete FAIL) and other stories will make other people look like fools. so here is one that makes me look stupid but it's by far NOT the most embarrassing thing that was said/done that day.
one thing that i was worried about a lot was being uncomfortable on my wedding day. i already had to wear this heavy gown and heels and have my hair filled with bobby pins and hair spray. so i wanted to try and be somewhat comfy...if at all possible. i decided that one thing that would help would be nylons. that way my legs wouldn't be all sticky if i was hot in that dress. but then i thought nylons would look stupid with my heels (lets face it, it's not the 50s and open toed shoes and nylons look ridiculous!). so i bought spanx. i wore them until it came time for the garter toss.i didn't want anyone seeing that i was wearing them so i decided to ditch them before that time came. i quickly rushed to the bathroom to take them off just before i knew my brother (the MC) would announce that it was time for the garter toss. i walked back into the main room just as my brother was saying that it was that time. as i took my place on the chair everyone got quiet. then my sister decided to yell out "DID YOU TAKE YOUR SPANX OFF???"" oh my gosh!!! did she seriously just say that? lots of little snickers and people looking at each other trying not to laugh. thanks trish. thanks a lot!!


  1. oh that's terrible! but what about the wonders of spanx? i just discovered them when i was in that wedding in hawaii a couple christmases ago. amazing! what i also loved about this story was the "booby pins". heehee.

  2. AAAAND congrats on your third anniversary! you look so pretty in those pics above. :) love your bouquet too.

  3. What an ass!!! Why would she do that to you??? Did everyone hear? Oh my word!!! And MUCH MORE embarrasing things happened??? O my word! We must talk... You poor thing! That's just crazy.

  4. haha...ok gotta fix that typo!!

    and dawn, it's all good, it is funny now for sure!