Saturday, May 29, 2010

kindergarten confusion

i hear a lot of cute stuff from the kids at school. a friend recently told me that i should be writing this stuff down. so here is my attempt. the school year is almost over but i hope to post some cute moments from the kids at school a few times before this year is up.

thursday was a busy day at school for some of our younger students. it was "teddy bear" picnic day. when they got to school their classroom had been destroyed and all of their teddy bears were missing and the bears were the suspects for the disaster. the kids go to every room in the school looking for their "naughty" bears. it's very cute and exciting for the kids.

midway through the day i was in the Learning Assistance room on the second floor of our school. the room was empty but my boss, janet, was in her office (which is attached to this room) with her door open. i was working away on the computer when 2 little kindergarten students came in the room.

alivia: "excuse me, but have you seen a photocopier because i am looking for a tea towel?"
me: (confused look on face) "sorry, what? you need a photocopier because you need a tea towel?"
alivia: "yes."
me: (still looking confused) "what do you need the tea towel for?"
alivia: "we need it for our teddy bear picnic."
cassandra: "no! we need it for our hands!"
alivia: "we need it for our hands."
me: (trying not to laugh) "ooookkkk. why do you need to find the photocopier in order to get a tea towel."
alivia and cassandra: (no answer. the confused look is now on their faces)
janet: (walks into room) "what do you girls need?"
alivia: "we need to find the photocopier and get a tea towel"
janet: (bursts out laughing.) "WHAT?"
me: "i think maybe they are looking for the room with the photocopier because they think that that's where the tea towel will be"
janet: "let me call their teacher and see what she is wanting"
janet calls....not answer.
me: "where did your teacher tell you to go to get the tea towel"
cassandra: "to the staff room"
me: "ok. well this isn't the staff room. it's downstairs by the library. do you know what room i am talking about?"
cassandra: (hits head to symbolize "duh! i forgot") "yes! i remember now. we were there this morning looking for our bears!"
me: "alright. well go there and someone will give you a tea towel."

later i told their teacher about this and we had a good laugh over it. she had asked them if they knew the room where teachers have coffee and they said they did. she told them to go there and ask for a tea towel. they must have thought that that was the photocopy room and that's why they were looking for the photocopier. teachers are in there a lot so that makes sense. but somehow they ended up on the wrong floor no where near either of those 2 rooms. i guess going all over the school today looking for those bears got them all mixed up.

very cute!! man i love kindergarten students!


  1. Oh, and what about the phone conversation with Justin Beiber? That was hysterical!!!! Or the lady in the brown tights????