Tuesday, May 11, 2010

bootcamp bandwagon

i have completely fallen off the bootcamp bandwagon. :S i got sick on may 2nd and i haven't done my workout since then. the first few days of being sick were brutal but then when i thought i could start up bootcamp again my asthma got really bad. i started having to take my inhaler a few times a day when i wasn't even exercising. going up the stairs made me wheez. so i steered clear of the workout for a while longer. now i am almost better and i really need to get going again. i am going to have to start back at bootcamp 1 and hopefully within a few days i can add part 2 in again. tomorrow will be my first day back at it. 20 days on, 10 days off....shoot!! this sucks! i am having a hard time motivating myself to start again. if i don't do it tomorrow you all have permission to yell at me. wish me luck. :D

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