Saturday, May 15, 2010

townhouse complex-wide garage sale

the white chair was not for sale. it was my perch.

the wall hangings i didn't really want to sell. i don't have them up
in my house anymore so i thought i should sell them, but i am glad they
didn't sell cause i would have been sad.

~ garage sale has been open for 35 minutes. first lady came by at 8:40. she said that this garage ~ sale is going really slowly. "why aren't there more people?" how should i know?!?! but of course i answered politely "i know. it's been slow so far." she left.
~ next a man and 2 ladies in their 50s came in. stood in the middle staring at the stuff for 15 seconds and walked out. alright have a nice day.
~ then a lady came in with her dog and she loved all the clothes. she said that i have a ton of nice stuff. phew!! but she only bought 1 shirt. she had 2 dollars in change and then a $50 bill. I had change for a 50 but it would have been in small change such as toonies and loonies. so she bought the one shirt with her $2 and left. YAY!! my first sale!
~ a lady and daughter, looked for 4 minutes and then left.
~ 2 middle aged ladies who i believe were speaking korean came but obviously i could not understand a word. i was so curious if they were complaining about my stuff or loved it. but they bought one of my decorative plates
~ another lady with a young daughter (8ish) came by and bought 2 end tables, a wooden box and a belt!!

...maybe this isn't so bad. it is now 9:20

more people walking in an out. briefly looking. i don't have a ton of stuff for the average joe. not much furniture or knick knacks. ugh

~ gave away a sweater to Amanda because she brought me a Passiontea Lemonade from Starbucks
~ a Mexican family came in with the CUTEST 3 kids ever!! they bought a VHS rewinder, a belt and 2 picture frames/coat hanger things.

~ it's dead. i think all of the avid garage sale people have come and gone. :P

~ TOTALLY DEAD!! i think i will close up shop. no one is coming and i am kind of cold sitting her in my garage. but i only made $34. i have been out here for 2.5 hours. that means imy hourly pay was $13.50. whatever i think i am just going to stop. i am bored and no one is coming.

overall this has been an ok first for me. :D


  1. I thought you were all going to be in one spot...I just fininshed getting dressed! :( Do you want to meet us for lunch?

  2. $13.50 an hour is not bad. my favourite part of this description of your sale is that the mexican family bought "2 photo frames/coat hanger things". like they could be either a coat hanger OR a frame? i'm intrigued.

  3. aaand i love the background - is that recent or have i not clicked over here from my google reader for awhile?

  4. yes! the background is new as of today!! i love it!!

    regarding the frame/coat is both. it's kind of country looking. it sort of looks like a barn window with crown molding on top of it and where the glass is in the 'window' is where the pictures go (2 4x6s) then then on the wood under the glass it had hooks on it where you could hang a coat or keys or whatever. i had 2 of those things.