Saturday, May 22, 2010

my car history

growing up my dad seemed to have a different car every year. currently my parents own an old pick up truck, a murano, a nissan crossfire, a red cavalier and a malibu. there is a purpose for each of them...2 of them are driven by my brothers. but my point is that there has always been a quick turn over of cars in my family.
when i was 18 i got my first car. i LOVED it!! (plus i got it on the day steve and i started dating.)it was a mazda MX-3 precidia! i bought it from some college student who lived in north van and could no longer afford a car and rode a bike from his parent's house to school everyday. he was sad to part with his car and i promised him i would take great care of it. a month later it was totalled in an accident. :( i was so sad to no longer have my car.

my dad didn't like how banged up i got in the accident. he said that the car was too small and wouldn't protect me if i was in a future accident. so i ended up being convinced to get an absolutely hideous BOAT of a car. an oldsmobile cutlass. i agreed to try this car out for 3 months and if i still hated it my dad would let me get a precidia again instead.

a year and a half later i finally got rid of the car and got my second precidia. i loved having a sports car again. but the practicality of a 2-door didn't last long. steve and i got engaged and we knew we would only be able to have one car when we got married and steve could barely fit in my car. his head would touch the ceiling and his legs were too long. so that car went bye bye.

next up was the chevrolet cavalier. i liked it a lot. it had automatic locks and an alarm (all new features to me). i was happy with it. steve wasn't super keen on it cause he likes driving a standard. i have no idea how to drive a standard. i tried a couple times and i was ok at it but so nervous! so he sold his dodge colt (yuck!) and we kept the cavalier as OUR car. :D

a year ago we bought a second car. YAY!! it changed a lot for us. more money going out, of course, but it meant that we could have more freedom. the first 2 years of our marriage i would drive steve to and from work. i had to make sure i was always available to pick him up in the evenings which usually meant i couldn't go out with a friend. also, if one of us was out with the car the other was trapped at home unless a friend could pick us up. we were so thrilled when we could get another car. and we bought a NEW car! neither of us had ever owned a new car so it was very very exciting. we LOVE our MAZDA 3! we both now hate the cavalier, but it's still very reliable so we will keep it. the mazda 3 is phenomenal!! looking for a new car? check out the mazda 3. i know so many people who have them and they are super great!


  1. is mazda paying you for this? haha. we love ours too and a friend of mine just bought a 2010! SO nice.