Thursday, August 4, 2011

update on jacob

many of you read my recent post about how hard of a time jacob has had lately. it's time for an update.

i wrote that post 8 days ago and so much has changed since then! although we were nervous and rather skeptical we took jacob to fort family chiro on the same day as i wrote that post. i know many people suggested this whole chiropractor thing to us and even though i had been there once before with a friend and her kids i was still nervous to take MY child there. he is so little and i just wasn't sure how i felt about it. steve was especially uncomfortable with it. after many conversations, steve and i decided that we had to try something else and so we made an appointment. well we were beyond thrilled with the visit. dr. patterson was so great with jacob. he even showed us the amount of pressure he would apply to jacob before it did anything. he was super thorough and asked us a TON of questions. he ended up saying that there wasn't anything major that he noticed with jacob but he was very tight at the top of his neck and across his forehead and he said that it's possible that he has been having headaches every day. he massaged him a bit and asked us to come back in a week. we left expecting that if there was going to be any change it would be a small change. jacob was grumpy that evening (nothing out of the ordinary for him) but the next day we had a different kid. i can't not even explain how much he has changed!!

jacob now takes LONG naps. no more of those 15-20 min cat naps. he has been taking two 1.5-2 hour naps each day. he also takes about two 30 min. naps. he likes to lie on his playmat and look at his toys and kick his little feet. he will lie on a blanket in the eating area when i cook and just look around and coo like crazy. he will sit on my lap and look at his surroundings or look at books. i can rock him for 5 mins, put him in his crib (still awake) and he will fall asleep ON HIS OWN! we have had some car rides without any crying. we went to a restaurant with some friends the other day. we got there at 6pm (an hour after he ate). he sat on our laps contently and when he got fussy we swaddled him on the bench and left him between us and he fell asleep for 45 mins! WHAT IS GOING ON??????? we were at the restaurant until 9pm. that is THREE hours, and he was AMAZING!!! i seriously can not even believe that this is happening. total answer to prayer! i couldn't go a day (sometimes not even an hour) without crying due to being exhausted and overwhelmed. NOTHING was working prior to seeing the chiropractor. now, he is doing great. steve's line "version 2.0 of jacob is a significant upgrade from version 1.0". we feel like we have energy again and we don't feel as trapped as we did for the weeks and weeks before he had that appointment.

thanks for all of your suggestions, prayers and encouragement! we appreciate our wonderful family and friends who have been trying so hard to help us lately!

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  1. Hallelujah!!!!!!!! That is So awesome!!!! I'm so thrilled beyond belief for you guys, and hope and pray that things continue to improve! Hurray!!!!