Friday, August 5, 2011


pinterest is my newest online obsession. it feeds my creative side with ideas and excitement for new projects. i LOVE, love, love doing DIY projects/crafts and this site is amazing. (plus it has TONS of blog links for more ideas on the site and i love reading blogs.) here are 2 projects i am working on thanks to pinterest.

a smaller version of this is going to go in my upstairs hallway. i can't wait to choose all the fabrics! i bought my first two embroidery hoops yesterday. if you have any old hoops you are not using and would like to donate them to me i would LOVE them!

this has been a super fun project that i started 2 days ago for jacob's room. i purchased faucets knobs and spray paint, plus i bought a piece of 1 x 6 to put the hooks on so that i can easily move it to a different room or a different house in the future. (this idea is from this spanish blog)


  1. FUN!!! I love both those ideas! A friend of mine did the top one in her babies room and I looooove it! Also in one of my magazines they suggest using baby blankets after they aren't being used anymore that way you can always keep them :)

  2. Sarah. I love that idea! I will be sure to keep all his blankets!

  3. I use to have some really old (like 50+ years old) embroidery hoops that belonged to my grannie. I wonder what happened to them?!