Thursday, August 4, 2011

my starbucks

i have found my favourite barista! there is a new starbucks in willowbrook mall and after stopping in there a few times over the last month+ i found the barista for me. it's a guy (and i know i know him from somewhere....he may even had been a student at LCS when i worked at the high school in 2006) and he is great at his job! he now knows that i will either order a decaf mocha frap without whip or a passion tea lemonade with light ice. i love that! what i love even more is what happened last time i was in that bucks. i decided to get a little treat because i was beyond starving and steve was spending his sweet time in the source while i attempted to entertain jacob in the stroller. i was going to ask for one of their mini chocolate peanut butter cupcakes then i saw the salted caramel sweet bar and thought that it looked rather yummy. i asked my fav barista which one is better. he said "i HATE the salted caramel bar".....shoot i thought. i replied with "i guess i will get the cupcake then". then the best words came out of his mouth "why don't i just charge you for one and give you both and you can decide for yourself?" ummmm.....can't say no to that! super excellent deal. steve and i enjoyed sharing the treats and it's a good thing i got both because i FOR SURE like the salted caramel sweet bar better. ;)

oh and treat receipt is back. if you don't know what that is....shame on you! buy your morning drink before 2pm and come back after 2pm for a cold summer drink for only $2! :)

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