Monday, August 29, 2011

embroidary hoop wall decor

it's done and this project was actually really easy. the hardest part was choosing fabrics. i am never satisfied when it comes to my own projects so i am regretting my fabric choices but oh well. i like the colour scheme but i am wishing i had gone with bold teals, oranges and reds instead. the thing is that when i was at the fabric store i had NO idea what colours i wanted to do. i found a michael miller coral damask print and fell in love....that ended up being my jumping off point for the whole project. so colorally-pink, pale green and grey became the scheme.

my mom-in-law found me a bunch of hoops at the value village in abby (8 for $3.99!!) and then i scoured the second hand stores in langley and found 1....and it was plastic and colourful....not what i was looking for. so i ended up getting the others from michael's craft store.

it didn't take much longer than an hour or so to cut and glue the fabrics into the hoops.

steve is trying to love it....haha, as am i. it's a little "out of [his] comfort zone" but then again most of my design choices are. ;)

yay for pinterest and purlbee for the idea!!

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