Monday, August 8, 2011

yet another bet

bets, bets and more bets....innocent bets, not gambling bets here folks.

okay, a little bit ago i blogged about how steve and i like to make bets with one another. in that post i mentioned that i won a massage at a spa....well i was wrong. he said that he thought he was betting to give me a massage himself...even though that is very nice he doesn't give spa-like massages. anyway, we made a bet on when a helium balloon (that we were given the day after jacob was born) would deflate. we hadn't put a wager on it so we did a few weeks ago. the deal was that if it deflated by august 7th at 11:59pm then i get a spa massage and if it deflates anytime after that steve gets $$ to spend on whatever he wants. steve and i had 2 girls (who i used to babysit) over for a sleepover saturday night and when i came down yesterday morning one of them said "you get to go to the spa". i quickly went over to where the balloon was only to see that it had in fact deflated!! YAHOO!!! great victory for me.

now we have another bet. we are betting on how much jacob will weigh at his appointment on thursday. he weighed 8 lbs 13ozs at birth. his lowest weight was 8lbs 2 ozs. he was back to birth weight at his 3 week appointment and at his 6 week appointment he weighed 11lbs 7ozs. steve and i each wrote down our guesses and revealed them to one another. steve is guessing that jacob will weigh 14lbs 9 ozs. i am guessing 15lbs 0ozs. whoever is closest wins!! COME ON JACOB, BE HEAVY!!!! if i win i get to go and buy the next size of onesies for jacob (steve thinks that the 4 we have in that size will be enough...i say that that will mean me doing laundry every other day....and that is just annoying) and if steve wins he gets that $$ he didn't win on the balloon bet. wish me luck!