Saturday, August 20, 2011

3 months

little man jacob is now 3 months old and he has changed SO much in the past few weeks. here are some milestones he has reached:

  • standing. he LOVES to stand. if you are holding him in a squatting position he will push himself up into a standing position and wobble around for a while with his knees locked until he gets tired then he drops down for a minute or two only to stand up again.

  • rolling onto his sides. he has only rolled from tummy to back 4 times and it doesn't seem like a true, intentional rool just yet. however, he rolls from side to side a lot when he is on his back.

  • he has found his hands and he chews his right one all the time.

  • grabbing dangling toys. he does this only with his left hand (since his right hand is busy being chewed on).

  • cooing. he coos at us and as of yesterday he now coos even when he is alone playing on his mat.

  • laughing. he giggles and it's absolutely adorable.

  • sleeping!!! this is my favourite! he has decided to have a long nap every afternoon (lately 2-3 hours long) PLUS he is sleeping longer at night (last night he slept from 11-5:45 with a brief cry at 2:30 when he decided that he wanted his soother).

  • sitting up. he sits up in his bumbo now, not for long but for 5 minute increments without being too wobbly.

this stage is really fun!! it's kind of crazy to me how much he is growing up already. life with a 3 month old is SO much easier (and much more fun) than life with a 1 or 2 month old.

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