Saturday, August 6, 2011

baby advice from a gr. 5 boy

today i finally decided to pack up the pile of baby cards i had accumulating in my den and i came across some cards i hadn't read yet. when jacob was 3 weeks old i took him to see my grade 5 class and the kids all gave me cards. i read a few of them while i visited with the kids but couldn't get through them all because so many kids were asking questions about jacob. so i brought them home, put them in my den and just never got around to reading the rest. today i sat down and started going through them and i came across 2 gems! one of the more vocal, curious and interesting boys had written me 2 cards. 1 of them said this:

"Congratulations on your new baby boy. I hope he grows up big and strong. I hope no harm will come to him. God bless your child. May be do extraordinary things. As you take him through life's struggles you will be strong. God bless your child. Good luck."

very sweet. :)

the next card said this:

"Baby Advice

your baby will grow quickly. over the years he will learn more than you expect. your baby will seem to get a rash from the diaper, use a different diaper or rash cream. soon your baby will learn to crawl, let him do it himself, he wont need help. your baby should be encouraged to talk. say simple words to him slowly. when he tries to walk, help him and stay by him. your baby will probably bond to you. don't give him everything he wants when he gets older or he will overpower you. put a monitor in his room in case he wakes up late at night crying. when he won't stop, play music. in the morning let him nap for some time. when he is awake give him his soother. as he gets older he will get into stuff. when he is young don't give him small toys! or he may choke to death. no ice cubes or small things left out. if you have dogs don't let them near the baby. he will tell you stuff with actions (picture of a baby holding his arms out and a thought bubble saying "pick me up". also a picture of a baby crying and a thought bubble saying "soother, bottle or diaper".) or they will mostly poo or pee. tuck your baby in. don't leave him alone, you never know if there will be a fire or a flood. if he hurts himself check on him. constantly check on him when he is asleep. when he is awake don't take your eye off him. warning: don't scare your baby, he will have a fit. if he has a temper tantrum give him a time out. don't spank until he is four if what he did was bad. be careful with your baby. don't bring your baby to crowded places, you might lose him. don't worry too much. your baby may go through things. call your doctor, your baby will need needles soon. don't be mean, listen to what your child says when he is older. if you are worried phone someone who had children you know. don't force your baby to do something. feed your baby veggies and berries and things like potatoes if you don't want to spend much. buy the baby things on TV, maybe a bouncer to help him learn to walk. when your baby is getting older don't sneak his soother. say stuff to him like it is a conversation. get ideas from friends for others things i didn't write."

how awesome is that??


  1. Best. Baby. Advice. Ever! That is SO sweet- remember, don't sneak his soother!

  2. I can guess who wrote this... so awesome and so inclusive! LOL