Monday, January 25, 2010

the outcome of my labour

mondays. i love mondays. i don't work and most people do, which means that it isn't as busy in the stores and traffic isn't as hectic during working hours. today i felt super lazy. i lounged around the house watching tv, reading blogs, answering emails....etc etc. i finally decided (at 1pm) that i needed to do something with my day. so i ventured out to get groceries. when i got home i decided i wanted to make cookies. i need a clean and organized work space. i don't do clutter and chaos. i can't work in a kitchen that has piles of dishes. i can't work at a desk on top of other papers. things need to be organized in order for me to not lose my mind. what started as just emptying the dishwasher and reloading it turned into a full blown cleaning session of my kitchen. i wiped everything. i reorganized my tupperware, i put spices into little tupperware spice containers (thanks mona by the way), i threw out a bunch of stuff in my baking cupboard that i haven't used in a long time, i made room in a cupboard for my bread (since it often sits on the counter) and i decluttered my counter top. the problem with my kitchen is that it doesn't have a ton of cupboards. i was super spoiled in our last place because we had a HUGE pantry. when you have more space you accumulate more 'stuff'....therefore i have a lot of kitchen 'stuff'. i always hated that the top of my counters were lined with 'stuff'. i have my spice rack, my knife block, my huge mixer (which doesn't fit in the cupboards), my flour/sugar container thingies, my cooking oil bottle, salt and pepper, paper towel, toaster, kettle, lunch bags, napkin holder, note pad, and the infamous pile of papers that hadn't made their way to the filing cabinet yet. today i was DONE with the clutter. some things need to stay on the counter. as much as i wished i could have stowed everything away out of sight it wasn't practical. some of the 'stuff' i use too often and therefore it needs to stay out. i worked long and hard to get the kitchen to the state it is in now (hopefully this will motivate steve and me to keep it tidy and organized). after it was up to par i made my cookies. man it felt nice to bake in that kitchen today!! (oh, the green tupperware container is full of my freshly made chocolate chip cookies.)

p.s. if this still looks cluttered to you than i think you have a problem. :D

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  1. I love your kitchen... it is beautiful and looks amazing. I am very envious!