Monday, January 4, 2010

shopping fiasco

today i went grocery shopping. if you have read my past blog post (judging) you will know that going thru the check out is not one of my fav things because i worry that people are judging me. well today was not a fun shopping experience.

initially i was super excited because tonight i am having my (overly obsessed bachelor) girls over for the premiere of THE BACHELOR!!!! i always put together a ton of food for us to snack on during the show. last night i made my 'menu' and then headed out to the store to buy all my stuff (plus some food for steve and i). well it seemed like the whole store was filled with seniors. usually i find them so cute walking around with their carts and matching prices and checking their coupons but today i was on a mission. every aisle there would be a few seniors with their carts standing in the middle of the aisle and they were all oblivious to people trying to squeeze past them. i of course gave them the "excuse me, can i just squeeze past you?" "oh, sorry dear, let me just move my big ol cart" would be their response. after this happened about 20 times i was feeling like i wanted to say "seriously!!!!! how do you not realize that you are IN PEOPLE'S WAY!!!!!!", but of course i would never actually say that (especially not to a senior). when i had collected all of my groceries i headed to the line. i was walking at an appropriate grocery store pace. not slow but not in a race. i was just about to turn into the check stand 6 line when this crazy lady, who had pushed past me a few times with ZERO common courtesies, flew past me grumbling under her breath. she had maybe 7-10 items. she could have gone to check stand 1 (the express/15 items or less) and been out of there in a flash. but NO she had to budge past me. so i waited and waited. she tapped her foot and glared at the cashier (who is actually really good, i have had her many times and she is fast). meanwhile an elderly couple and their 2 grandkids (who i had to ask twice if i could get past them, once by the soup and once by the bread)came up behind me and joined our line. i watched her eye up all of my food. i hadn't been thinking much about being judged right then because i was very focused on not aggravating the mad lady ahead of me. i scanned my food and wished i had placed things in a different order. my pop was out in the open, my mr. noodles were also lying on top and then there was the 2 bags of Sun Chips. "shoot" i thought. then i grabbed my phone and snapped a picture (which made that elderly couple look at me even more). HAHA oh well.


  1. That doesn't look so bad!!! Instead of worrying about being judged by the cute little old couple, you should have been judging the "budger" all over the place!!!! In fact, you could have even been waving your fore finger in the air at her and tsk-ing at her in a condescending way. Totally justified....

  2. this picture makes your groceries look awesome. anyone who subjects himself to kashi anything is healthy. and everyone knows that sunchips are good for you.