Thursday, January 14, 2010

wacky tacky

this evening we had out staff christmas party (yes we are aware that it is January and christmas is over, but we don't care. people always have more time now then they do before christmas). we had a big dinner (and I mean BIG), yummy desserts and a gift exchange. people all had to bring things in from home (i believe the term used was 'wacky tacky' and boy the majority of gifts were just that). i brought in a photo album that we got as a wedding gift and never used (don't judge me for ALL do it!)'s very ugly and cliche. when my number was called i open up a gift (since there wasn't anything good to steal) and it was a lavender bath set. for those of you who know me i am usually warm, actually that's an understatement, i am usually HOT, boiling, on fire. because of my heat issues i rarely takes baths, plus lavender is not a scent i really enjoy. i acted like it was a great gift and showcased it around. i knew that someone else would love it, it just wasn't for me. well my plan worked, it was stolen a few times. i ended up with a lovely starbucks mug. I LOVE IT!!! the picture above is not the exact mug. the one i got is white with green writing and green on the inside. it's the perfect green, not dark and evergreenish, or blah and pastely, it's a vibrant (yet not neon) green. this year i have kicked myself many times for not remembering to bring a mug to work, finally i have one there and it's amazing!!! thank you to whoever decided that they didn't want it. (oh and i had to go through 40 pages of google images looking for a pic of the mug i won, but it could not be found. i even went through all of starbucks website. my apologies for the incorrect pic.)


  1. That is a very complete description of the shade of green!

  2. Why didn't you just use your camera and take a photo????

  3. cause i was at home writing this and the mug was at school.