Friday, January 15, 2010

going public

i hate my middle name. it's not the kind of hate that is used loosely. this is an insane hate. i despise my middle name. thankfully my mother also hates it and thinks my father was crazy to want this ugly name for me. she fought to have it as a middle name and not a first name. (i am not all that fond of my fist name either because no one can pronounce it unless they have asked me about 5 times how to say it and it can't be shortened. oh and people never know how to spell it either. i was ladel for a long time by one teacher....that was fun. i do have to say that i get a lot of compliments on my name and that is a big plus!) i don't like telling people my middle name but i have decided to go public so that i can tell this story.

this past week the grade 2 class that i work in learned the meanings of some names from the Bible. the teacher also looked up all of the student's names and told them what the meaning is. i also decided to find all of the meanings to the names of the students who are in the social skills group i co-teach for their scrapbooks. this reminded me of a conversation i had with my father-in-law a few years back.

at a dyck family function i mentioned that i am not fond of my middle name. my father-in-law said to me "you know what lael, it probably has a really great meaning. you should look it up. it might change how you feel about it." so i immediately went to the computer and looked up the meaning to my nasty middle name, beverly.....and the meaning that i found was "beaver".......awesome!!!! :P that increased my loathing a few notches. well i looked it up again yesterday and the meaning i found this time was "beaver field"....both terrible options.


  1. That actually made me laugh out loud... you are SSSSOOOO NOT a beaver -- or a Beverly!!!! The whole time I was reading, I was trying to guess what your middle name might be, but I would NEVER have guessed! It doesn't fit you at all!!!!! Heehee!!!

  2. i love the name "Lael" its beautiful! theres a Jael in my kids skating class, but i prefer Lael for sure.

  3. I also laughed out loud at this. Beaver is a funny meaning for a name. You have told me your middle name before but I forgot. And I also think Lael is a nice name.

  4. i don't know where you're looking up your name meanings, but according to my findings, beverly means beaver stream or meadow. that's pretty, right? :)