Monday, January 11, 2010

get fit challenge

last tuesday a girl at work approached me and said that she thinks our staff should do a fitness challenge. she said that she didn't want to initiate it but since i am on the social committee maybe i could. by lunch time there was a sheet up on the board and people began to sign their lives away. basically it's done by points and not weight (also it's an honour system). for each half hour of light workout you get 1 point, for each half hour of sweat induced workout you get 2 points...max is 4 points/day. the "get fit challenge" began today and it will end on March 5th (the last school day before spring break). i do not work on mondays so i had ALL DAY to get my 4 points. do you think i did it? NOPE!! i had decided that I was not going to be doing any crazy workout. no p90x for me!!! i was going to walk/jog each day and then do weights at home. last night a friend slept over and she LOVES starbucks. so this morning we walked to starbucks and grabbed some food at the farmers market and walked back to my place. it was DUMPING rain. normally i hate getting wet but today it felt so great (other than the fact that i couldn't see anything because my glasses were so wet). i don't like getting my hair wet because it takes me so long to blow dry and flat iron it each day. however, today i didn't wear a coat or a hood or take an umbrella. i embraced the rain. the water was dripping down my face. i was soaked through my sweater. my pant legs were wet half way to my knees, but it felt really good. i happily sipped my tall blended strawberry lemonade all the way back home. the walk was an hour (not including the shopping time) so i got 2 points. i had plans to do weights for 30 minutes or maybe even an hour but that didn't happen. hopefully tomorrow (or i guess technically 'today' since it's after midnight) i will get 4 points. but i kinda doubt it. oh well. maybe i'll just be a 2-pointer.

oh...i am going bowling on the weekend, i wonder if that will count? ;)


  1. You know what? My attitude is that if I get two points a day, I will be LEAPS and BOUNDS ahead of where I was before this challenge started, and it will do me a lot of good. So what if other people do more? I have to do what's best for me, and what I can keep up... If I feel that I have to get four points a day, I will get defeated and give up, so I'm going to be a two pointer, and be proud of my accomplishments!!!

  2. wow - is there a prize or something? it sounds like great motivation.