Friday, January 1, 2010

being average

so my brother left for argentina early yesterday morning. he will be with YWAM. basically that consists of 3 months of schooling in Argentina and lots of soccer. then he is heading to South Africa for more soccer and most likely the world cup. it should be pretty awesome for him.
the other night before he left a bunch of us were talking and brad amazed me with his attitude. he was super humble about his soccer skills (he is phenomenal but would NEVER say he that he is good) and he said he is looking forward to playing a ton and learning lots. he also said that he hopes everyone is better than he is so it will be a challenge. WHAT???? why would anyone want to be the worst? is something wrong with me? i would want to be the best or at least one of the best. dang dude i have a bad attitude. i have been told MANY times that I "need to be ok with being average". everytime i have been told that I shudder. why would i strive to be average or settle for being average. aren't we supposed to try and be 'good' or 'excellent'? when is it ok to be 'ok'? after spending some time thinking about what Brad said i realized that HE has the right attitude, not me. what's the reason for me wanting to be great at stuff? if i am honest it's because i don't want to be embarrassed if i suck at something and i want people to think good things about me rather than negative things. but that is silly. i can't control what people think. i would probably feel better with myself if i wasn't stressing over not being 'good' at stuff. so here is something i am going to work on....maybe it's a new years resolution (even though i don't really believe in that cause it sets people up for failure haha)....i am going to CHILL OUT and just be me. i am going to be ok with sucking at things, and i am going to stop stressing to be the "best"....cause really you can never be the best.
thanks brad for the food for thought. all the best with YWAM and God bless!!!


  1. this is a great realization, lael. something hard to do but worth working on. a couple thoughts: (1)i don't think one necessarily would/should "strive to be average" - that's very different than being okay if you're average. (2) if making new years resolutions set people up for failure, doesn't that mean you're aiming for average by not setting goals for yourself to be better? haha.

    great resolution.

  2. after reading your post, i read this one -

    i guess she agrees with you on the resolutions = failure...but then she makes a huge list of "goals" for the year. i guess i think of resolutions as goals.

  3. thanks becs....i do have 'goals' but nothing actually written down/listed....they are just mental. maybe i should write them down. but then again if they are written and people know about them then i could 'fail'...haha!!!

  4. While it's ok to be "average" or whatever you might be, I think it is important to realize that you are loved for the really cool person that you are, and that you are actually pretty remarkable.