Monday, February 1, 2010

tears of embarrassment

day time tv always has the most pathetic commercials. examples: "check into cash", "have you been injured in a car accident?", "call 1-888-2 300". if you know any of these commercials you know what i am talking about. today, while watching people's court, a really poorly done commercial came on. i immediately teared up. i know, i know, why am i crying over a commercial? here's the thing. when i am embarrassed for people i often tear up. recently a friend was telling me and a few other friends a story and i was really embarrassed for this person. they didn't seem embarrassed but i teared up anyways. if it was me i would have cried and NEVER told anyone the story without the preface of my embarrassment. watch the commercial....let me know if you feel embarrassed for the poor actors. :S


  1. It is a dumb comercial, but not tear worthy, my oh so emotional friend! Hehe <3

  2. i ended up seeing the empire carpet commercial after i wrote this and i had the number wrong. it's 588 2300. oh well. haha

    and i am ALWAYS teary for people. years and years of me being like this. i know it's weird, but it doesn't make me emotional.

  3. number one: LOVE that you were watching people's court. i love that show. number two: i know every commercial you speak of AND can sing the jingles by heart. number three: i love that you cry for the embarrassment of others. i've never heard of that. you're cute.