Friday, February 5, 2010

the tribe has spoken

i am really looking forward to Feb. 11......wait for it......wait for it.......... SURVIVOR: HEROES VS. VILLAINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! man it's gonna be phenomenal!

so i have some thoughts about a bunch of the survivors for this season. i have not seen all of the seasons but i know a fair number of these contestants and some of them i enjoy, and others i really don't like....mostly the villains, SURPRISE! :D

Amanda: the look in her eyes says it all.

Candice Woodcock: who?? yeah she wasn't a major player....and wow what an unfortunate last name.

Cirie: love, love, love her! brilliant idea to have an exile island alliance. too bad the others didn't follow through.

coach: really don't like this guy. he is way worse than russell and russell is bad. dragon slayer?? really?

colby: also love this survivor. he is awesome. but i hate that jerri is gonna be on the same season, she was way too infatuated with him.

courtney: meh, could care less, not not much less.

danielle: not a memorable player to me.....

james: 1 word: gravedigger...very crazy job. i like this guy!

jerri: oh gosh.....she is not even worth me commenting on her.

jt: really liked him originally but by the end of that season i started to think a little less of him. but overall i think he is an okay guy. gotta love the southern charm. ;)

parvati: i don't like her style. she used her looks to get her further in the game, but she crossed the line. getting naked with guys in some hot tub and making out with people....not cool. i have no respect her for game style.

randy: can't remember why this guy gives me an icky feeling but he just does.

boston rob: great player, but that's about it. yes he has been on survivor twice before and he has been on the amazing race, plus had a reality tv about his wedding to amber....a little over done.

rupert: like him. he's cool. he can have a temper, but he has a really giving job and he has a huge heart. i just really think he needs to be on what not to wear. the tie dye is getting old. (oh and remember the skirt he wore for a big chunk of the season? haha)

russell: don't like him as a person (or at least the person he is in the game) but i think he had a great strategy and he could have won. it's insane that he found so many immunity idols without clues. gotta give him props

sandra: i must have missed this season. apparently she won.

stephanie: i have mixed feelings. i like her, she is a good player. she outlasted her whole tribe, but she isn't my fav. maybe a little too strong of a personality.

sugar: i like her. she's a little odd, but i think she is sweet and she took being sent to exile a million times really well.

tom: i like him. nothing bad to say.

tyson: he is SO funny but also really weird. he will add great comic relief.

i really thought that richard was going to be on this season and I also expected more true heroes. too bad that roger is most likely too old to be on this season, he is so awesome. my favourite survivor ever!! i also really liked elizabeth that season.


  1. What? Richard Hatch isn't going to be on? I thought he was!!!! I was laughing for a good portion of this blog. I have to say I agree with most of your opinions....can't wait! btw, I notice that I am still awaiting a reply to my invite to my Survivor PARTAY!!!

  2. so? what did you think of episode one?

  3. And where is Mike who fell into the fire in Australia??? And Jon who told everyone his grandma died? As far as I am concerned, the first one - the greatest hero... the second - the greatest villain.