Friday, February 19, 2010

help me! too many decisions

back before i got married i slaved over making cute return address labels on the computer. it took me hours to choose a font and style. of course now that we have moved i have approx. 100 left that i can't use. so now i want to have new ones. the thing is, etsy has a TON of super cute labels and it should Italicrequire very little time to choose one. WRONG. i have spent well over 2 hours going through 43 pages of personalized return address labels and i still can not make a decision. one thing i have found weird is that most of them are round. why? why round? is it the new thing to put the return address label on the back of the envelope rather than the top left hand corner on the front? did i miss the memo? maybe i am old fashioned but i want it on the front!!! so that limits my options (and of course the majority of the ones i LOVE are round...ugh). so here are some that i am trying to decide between. any and all opinions are welcome. :D

amyzo this one you can choose the # of owls anywhere from 1-6. (and you all know i love owls!)

juicebox creations simple and cute

amyzo also cute but maybe kind of kidish? cute or cutsy?

amyzo obviously we would get labels with a 'd'.

avie is this one too girlie?


  1. I like the owl or the monkey that cuz I'm a primary teacher???

  2. I like the owl one as well. And to me those labels haven't changed, I see those kind on the front all the time.

  3. so if you get the owl one, then as the kids come along, you'll have to keep changing them...but they are my fav.

  4. so i got the bottom one....which NO one voted for. :P

  5. Actually, it's old fashioned to put the address on the back of the envelope. That's the way it was done when I was a kid.