Wednesday, October 14, 2009

tough crowd

last night i had a lovely evening out with the girls. linds, janine and i went to see couple's retreat. i had no idea what it was about before getting into the theatre. i laughed a lot, so did my friends. everyone in the theatre laughed and gasped in unison. yes, there were some parts that weren't overly appropriate (i don't get how it was rated PG, but whatever), but man oh man was it funny!

today steve was actually home. yippee! we decided to go out for dinner and go to a movie. we looked at what was playing and there was nothing. for every movie either i had seen it, or he had seen it or neither of us wanted to see it. we decided to go see couples retreat (even though i saw it last night.....i figured i laughed so much the last time that it would be fine to see it again). we ended up inviting my brother since he has been home sick with asthma issues for a few days and i think he needed some time out of the house. i told them both how funny it was and told them that they would love it. as every pee my pants funny moment passed there was an awkward silence. nobody was laughing....what the heck?!?!?! i started to feel stupid when i wanted to laugh. am i lame? why am i finding these things funny when no one else is? was everyone just hyper last night when i saw it the first time? or are these people lacking in a sense of humour? i don't get it. needless to say neither steve or brad enjoyed the movie. i feel bad that there was money wasted on this movie all because i told them it was excellent. i guess the crowd makes a big difference. i actually almost fell asleep near the end. i don't like the people i saw the movie with tonight (not steve and brad, but everyone else). i used to think i would enjoy critiquing movies but i am started to feel like i would have a lot of upset readers.

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