Thursday, October 8, 2009

fruit flies

fruit flies may very well be the death of me. this year has been a bad one for those little bugs. everyone has complained about their kitchens having tons flying around. janine once had a status on FB asking for ideas of how to get rid of them. i now i am not alone in this. and i know it's not because of a messy house. janine's house is clean, my house is don't judge me. :)
last week steve and i were all excited because we hadn't seen any around for a few weeks. it was a delightful moment when we realized that our home was fly free. saturday evening we went out with a couple from our life group and when we came home we had quite the shock. steve went into our ensuite and there were at least 60 of these pests. then he noticed tons flying around our bedroom, in the hall and in the main bathroom. i started to feel itchy all over. we made up bowls of beer and some of juice, put saran on the top and poked some holes in the saran and scattered the bowls around our top floor. the flies were quickly attracted to them, especially the beer. there was no way i was going to sleep in that room with all those things flying around. so we moved our mattress onto the floor in the den and set up camp there. the next morning a ton of them were in the bowls. i squished most of them using the saran but there were still too many flying around. i tried to kill them one by one but they are pretty fast (plus having dead bugs on your heads is pretty nasty). steve found some bug death spray. we sprayed the whole upstairs and the main floor for good measure. when we came home most were dead. there were still some fiesty ones. i went at them with the death spray again but inhaled way too much. i spent the next half house hacking and drinking water. once they were all dead i cleaned my house like crazy. wiping every surface, vacuuming, dusting, scrubbing etc. it felt awesome to have everything sparkling again. i put our bed back and felt awesome. the next morning i went into the bathroom and there they were. a few more of those STUPID GROSS FLIES!!!!!! the last few days i have been activly trying to kill every single fruit fly i see. it feels like a huge victory when one of those guys fall on the ground or splatters on my hand. (most likely i will be dreaming about them tonight after writing this. :P )

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  1. I HATE fruit flies! I'm so glad the fruit fly season is over!!!