Friday, October 9, 2009

thursday night movies

every thursday some friends and i get together and watch a movie. yesterday we couldn't agree on a movie. 4 of us wanted to watch shattered (since we had never seen it and it has pierce brosnan and gerard butler in it) and one smart mouthed guy (jk) did not want to watch it because he had never heard of it and assumed it would suck. the same guy wanted to watch benjamin button because the girl is 'hot'. we then spent the next hour discussing who is and isn't attractive in the hollywood scene. here is a list of who was mentioned as being attractive:

liv tyler
(not attractive in my eyes...looks too much like her dad. i don't know what the guys see in her. anyone else think she is good looking? yes, she is skinny but is ther anything else attractive about her?)

cate blanchette
(i don't like the combo of her hair and skin colours. i also think she is a little old for the guys who were saying they think she's 'hot'. what's with that? i thought guys usually went for the young ladies?)

jessica biel

(obvious choice, beautiful and totally in shape)

jessica alba
another obvious choice....i think jessica biel is more attractive because she has sharper features.)

scarlette johansson
(this was a hot topic. some of us thought she was on the slutty side. she plays some innocent roles, but somehow she always looks like she is trying to look sexy. she does some weird thing with her eyes and mouth. she smizes (smiles with her eyes) and leaves her lips slightly parted. it's annoying. she also often wears low cut tops. ok, i get that she has a nice body, but doesn't the face count for something???)

eliza dushku
(pretty, but she was in Bring It On, which is pathetic. some pics of her look good, others not so much. i actually can't think of a single movie where she played a memorable character.)

bradley cooper
(my fav. great smile and eyes, nice hair (even though brown hair is better than blonde) and he plays great parts in movies. always the nice guy)
timothy olyphant
(yesterday i said he was not attractive but looking at more pics on google i have changed my mind. he looks kind of like matt from 7th heaven which i don't like but it has a bit more of a rugged edge.)
jason statham

(i don't see it, especially since he was in crank and that movie was ridiculous. he looks too tough and kind of mean, plus i hate shaved heads.)

at one point steve called and tried to add his in favs too but he couldn't remember her name, what she looked like or what movies she was in......needless to say he had nothing to offer. :D

i find it totally crazy how people can have such different ideas when it comes to who they find attractive. we are all made so differently. there were some meanish words tossed around during the 'discussion', but overall it was hilarious! we never did get to a movie.

so those are my thoughts. let me know if you agree, disagree or is others should be on this list.


  1. stupid spelling mistakes....sorry!

  2. you like timothy olyphant?

    watch Deadwood, so amazing. and amazingly filthy language!

  3. sort of. he's not great looking.

  4. Liv is stunning! I used to always want to look like her!!!

  5. WOW! the controversy in this post is alarming. liv tyler is gorgeous and cate blanchett is not. and i think scarlet johannsen is totally freaky looking and terrible actor and so does my husband...and he's a guy. jason stratham is SO hot...his voice adds to it too though.

    thankgoodness everyone thinks different people are good looking or we'd all be fighting over a handful of people...