Tuesday, October 6, 2009

pvr woes

shows i am addicted to:
the office
jon & kate plus 8
real housewives of new york city

the top three are the ones i am commited to following (even though i have seen all of the episodes of jon & kate and real housewives) and i am always excited to watch the newly recorded episodes. yesterday i was at Bible study and when I got home i rushed to the tv switched it on and immediately went to my list of recorded episoded to select house. it wasn't there. i almost shouted "what?". i was freaking out. i quickly went to the guide and searched every channel from that moment until midnight to see if it was going to be playing again so that i could record it. but nope, no such luck. the pvr had recorded heroes (for Steve) instead of house. Some sort of time conflict. it often records 2 things at once but not this time. i was greatly disappointed. NO ONE TELL ME WHAT HAPPENED. I plan on finding it on the web, there is no way I can wait until it comes out on dvd or reruns to watch it.


  1. Our pvr totally drives me nuts, too- it works for a while, and then starts to only record the first part of the show. And the more that I like the show, the less it records. SCREAM!!! No reason, it just stops. Sometimes, only 6 minutes are recorded. Eventually, Ed has to wipe the hard drive completely clean and restore the factory presets, and then it will work properly for a few months again before it starts acting like a retard again. GRRR!

    BTW, if you go to isohunt.com, you can download all your favorite shows, and Ed put some program on my computer so that I can burn them onto dvds so we can watch them on the tv. Works great!!!

  2. even more convenient is the site Sheena gave me... just look up what you want (movies too), click and watch on your computer. No downloading needed!

  3. Here, I'm pretty sure this is yesterday's House. I don't really know because I have never watched the show.


    or if you prefer a torrent site you can grab the seed file here


    This is Seb by the way.

  4. wow, thanks everyone!!!! it's nice to know people who know stuff. :)

  5. Not that I am a fan of TV :) BUT you can get a lot of these shows on Global TV's website - they have the last 3 episodes www.globaltv.com.