Saturday, October 10, 2009


today i did a much needed grocery run. i am one of those shoppers who is super embarrassed by the junk food i buy, or anything that is remotely unhealthy. today i purchased TONS of veggies because i am in charge of bringing veggie dishes for thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. i used the veggies to hide anything that the person in front of me, behind me or the cashier would deem as 'unhealthy'. i don't know about any of you, but i often look at other people's groceries and needless to say i judge them based on what they are buying. the people who only buy organic fruit and veggies i think are possibly a little pretencious. those who only buy pop, pizza, chips and cookies i tag as being close to a heart attack. i also look for animal food, or baby food and make assumptions based on those items. then there are those who have a normal balance between junk and healthy food. today the majority of my groceries were healthy and not things i would be embarrassed about. rather i was secretly wishing that the ladies before me and behind me were scoping out my healthy loot. i always make sure that i tuck the pack of gum under something else, hide my kettle corn amoung fruit and veggies and lay a pack of toilet paper over any pop (i didn't buy pop today though). am i weird, or is this fairly common?


  1. You are such a turkey! (haha it's thanksgiving) I don't hide anything. I'm for sure gunna be on the lookout for judgers like you now haha. I guess I hide the um, well I hide it so maybe I shouldn't say it in this comment box haha but I bet you could guess. ;) in in such a funny mood. I'm thinking of writting a dramatic puke blog for you today so if I do you better comment or else my weak gaunt body will find a way to beat you haha.

  2. i TOTALLY love when i happen to be buying all healthy foods and i go up to the till, i admit, i feel a little proud. i used to be a cashier at save-on though...and the cashiers could care less. haha.

  3. my brother was a cashier at safeway and he judged some people. haha.