Thursday, October 22, 2009


well halloween is coming up and i am super excited to be living in a townhouse cause that means i will most likely get some little trick or treaters this year! i pretty much haven't had any kids visiting my house in 11 years. when i was 13 we moved to langley into the country (from burnaby) and we didn't get trick-or-treaters, then for 2 years i lived in a condo and we didn't get kids there either. now, i have no idea how much candy to buy. i purchased 2 boxes of candy (each with 90 bars) but is that enough? i will give at least 2 to every kid. the big problem is that since this candy has been sitting on my kitchen table i have been eating it. normally my kitchen table doesn't get used at all so things that are on it we don't even notice. however i recently moved our computer out of our living room and onto the kitchen table so now the candy is starring me in the face whenever i am online. it's really not good. according to the empty wrappers sitting next to me i have eaten 6 small chocolate bars in the last hour!!!!!! ahhhhhh!!!! i think i better put the candy upstairs so that i have to actually take stairs to get any....that might stop my eating frenzy. I calculated how many choclate bars i will go through if i eat 6 eah day until halloween and i will eat 60!!!!! holy crap, that's almost an entire box. must hide candy!


  1. I miss that too!! I miss seeing all their cute costumes. I'll be buying my candy after halloween so I can get it 50% off. YEAH!

  2. you better buy another box...and have steve hide it. then you're free to eat the rest of the other one. ha.