Saturday, October 24, 2009

courtesy car frustrations

this sunday my sister and i are making thanksgiving dinner for our family (i know it's a random day to do it but my parents were away for canadian thanksgiving and the american one doesn't work for me). yesterday i went to save-on-foods to pick up a turkey. i know NOTHING when it comes to cooking for this many people and i also know nothing about cooking turkey. so i called my mom. i asked her a million questions about how much the turkey should weigh (being that there will be 8 people eating it), how long it will take to cook, can i cook it in a bag to speed up the cooking time, how much time to do i need for thawing it, how do i go about thawing it? after my 20 questions i picked out a frozen turkey that is almost 6kg. i paid and went out to the car. this past week i have been driving around a chevy colbalt courtesy car since our mazda was in getting repaired from my recent accident in aug (which wasn't my fault by the way). the colbalt is fine, but not as nice as the mazda. i am used to our car and hate learning the ins and outs of a different vehicle. anyway, this car is lacking in some bells and whistles (such as automatic locks and windows) and yet it has other functions such a weight/seat belt sensor for the passenger seat. anyway, since the doors don't automatically unlock with the press of a button i only unlocked my door. i got in, put the turkey and my purse on the passenger seat and drove off. within a minute of putting the car into drive a noise startled me. BING, BING, BING, BING, BING...etc etc etc. it went on and on and on. it was quite sneaky, it would make the stupid noise and have an annoying light flashing on the dash for maybe 15 seconds and then it would stop. i felt relief. yay, the noise stopped. then it began again. i couldn't figure out why it was doing this and what the noise was supposed to be telling me. after almost yelling at the car i clued in. this car is under the impression that there is a human sitting next to me that needs to be belted. how does that even make sense? i am no mathematician but isn't 6kg around 13 lbs? no human can be in the front if they weigh less than 50lbs (in fact they are to be in the back in a booster seat....or at least that's my understanding). does this car think i am an idiot and would allow a small child to sit in my front seat and not be belted? i finally succumbed to the car's wishes and belted my turkey.


  1. I love it! I'm so glad your turkey made it home safely. Shame on you for not belting it in the first place!

  2. That is SO hilarious! What a stupid car!

  3. I love that you 'belted' your turkey! too funny