Saturday, February 5, 2011

terrible, horrible, no good, very bad night.

ok, complaint central coming at prepared.

this is my THIRD, yup third, cold since being pregnant. i rarely get sick. i haven't had the flu since 2004, i have a mild cold maybe once a year and otherwise i am relatively healthy. what is with this? i know that it's common to get colds while pregnant but 3 in less than 6 months is ridiculous!!

so last night i was feeling quite a bit better. i still have a bit of a fever, i still have my cough and i am having issues with my asthma, but this is an improvement over the last couple of days. i was looking forward to going to bed. i fully expected to get more sleep than i had the previous few nights.

you would think that either my cough, breathing or back and forth sweats to chills would have kept me awake. or maybe even steve coughing (since he is now very sick). but nooooooo. you wanna know what made my night so bad? the baby. yup. he was moving around SO much. it wasn't the occasional kick or hiccup, it felt like this baby was practicing for some kind of floor routine in gymnastics. i felt like he was rolling around and stretching all night. i had a lot of pressure on my right side and every time i laid down the movement got worse. at 3am i gave up. i was SO tired that i went into the den and stood there crying trying to rock back and forth hoping that maybe the baby would fall asleep or calm down or something (i read in a book that when you walk etc it rocks the baby to sleep, so there was a method to my madness). i was very uncomfortable. am i insane? maybe. do i care? nope. well it didn't work. so i got back out of bed and sat in the rocking chair in the baby's room and tried that. again it didn't work. when i got back to bed at 4am steve was awake and we both agreed that it was a big waste of time trying to sleep. so we got up and watched the office until 5:30am. brutal. the baby calmed down and when i went to bed again he was back to moving around a ton. i can't win. there has been a huge increase in movement the past few days, or maybe i am just more able to feel it now because he is getting bigger? i don't know, but i know it's intense.

ugh. tonight better be better.

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  1. Not sure if this will help... it helped me the last two weeks I was pregnant with Shonah and she kept stretching using my left pelvic bone and my right lower rib to push against (SO painful).

    Kneel on the floor and cross your arms resting them on the seat of a dining chair placed far enough away from you that you are leaning forward. The weight of the baby will then pull him towards the floor and away from your organs and bones. Lay your head down on your crossed arms so that you are low down (and you might even fall asleep in this position). If it's hard on your knees, use a pillow under them.