Friday, February 11, 2011

baby books

i like children's books, and i like sharing some of my favourites with kids at school and with anyone else who is interested. (here, here and here are children's lit. posts.) a couple of my favourite authors are Melanie Watt (who is Canadian by the way and her scaredy squirrel books are awesome!!) and Mo Willems (especially his piggy and elephant books!!). i used to buy a ton of books from the scholastic orders at school, slowly building my own children's lit library. now comes a new books. i really should have started with these since our kid will not be into the other books for a lllllooonnnngggg time.

last friday i went to Kidsbooks in surrey with 2 friends. i ended up browsing the baby book section and started making a pile of the books i wanted. well the pile got big really fast so i had to get it down to 10 books. some of them have owls (obviously!) and others are more for warm, fuzzy feelings.

after high school i nannied for a while and i read to the 2 girls a ton. some of the books they wanted to hear multiple times a day. you would think that i would've gotten sick of those books but i loved them. and now reading them again brings back SO many memories. some of the warm, fuzzy books are Goodnight Moon, Five Little Ducks, Moo Baa LaLaLa and Snuggle Puppy.

i am gonna love reading to this little guy. :)


  1. the youngest level of scholastic carries board books and i always watch those flyers for good deals. i've bought lots from them. also, costco has great deals on board books too! we started reading to ben when he was just 4 months as a naptime routine and it's a pretty great to see him sit down in his room by himself somedays and look at books by himself. :) a fav. series of his is the Zoe series by Barbara Reid:

  2. One of my greatest joys, when Christopher was a baby, was wrapping him up in his blanket after lunch, sitting him on my knee in our big reclining chair, and reading to him for an hour or so. He would sit there, quiet as could be, taking it all in, until he fell asleep. Some of his favourites were; the nursery rhyme book Granfa' Grig Had a Pig (fabulously illustrated by Wallace Tripp); an alphabet book that was just white pages with one letter to a page in large bold black, but when you pulled a tab the letter opened up or flipped over or concealed in some way something that started with that letter (a was a long green alligator); the Sesame St. book The Monster at the End of the Book; and another Sesame St. book that had lots of tabs to pull to reveal things like Oscar in his garbage can, Bert and Ernie in the window of the New York apartment, etc. I wish we still had all of those books today. We still have the Granfa' Grig and the Monster at the End of the Book.

    Such wonderful memories you have stirred!

  3. Oh and, I assume you know of Graeme Base? If you haven't started to collect his books might I suggest you do so? Shonah's all time favourites and still are. She just bought a new one the other day.

  4. When my brother was younger he loved the spot books (spot is a dog) cause it had lift the flaps. We would ask " wheres spot?" he would point and say "pot" haha. They are great books though.

  5. Yes! Graeme Base, the Eleventh Hour, one of my favourites as a kid!

    Becs - i remmeber that post about Zoe. Great suggestions! I will have to figure out who at school has scholastic forms for the youngest age. i am guessing that it would be in the Elf?

  6. Snuggle Puppy was Casey's FAVOURITE book when he was a baby! Brings back so many wonderful memories! Glad you're getting so many good books...make sure you get some touchy/feely books with texture (babies love that) and lots of counting/ABC books! -Janet-