Monday, February 21, 2011


so i feel huge. i feel like an exaggerated version of myself. i feel like when people look at me all they see is this belly. sometimes that makes me smile, sometimes i don't want anyone looking at my huge belly. no offense to other pregnant women but i don't look at you and think that you are more beautiful pregnant than pre-pregnant. i don't think that pregnancy is physically beautiful (again, please don't take this personally). i do not, like 100% DO NOT, get the people who look at me (or other pregnany ladies) and say that this (this huge blimp-like body) is "beautiful". i know they are talking about the belly and maybe they mean that the process is beautiful, that it's beautiful how we can create life.....but if they don't mean that then it's just messed up! maybe all of their wombs are aching for more children? is that what it's about? i don't get it. maybe i have to have gone through the whole process in order to feel this way. maybe some people are just being nice. honestly, it's only women who say this stuff and it's only women who have children that say this stuff. it must have something to do with the fact that they have been through it before and are reminiscing.


  1. I know you probably don't feel beautiful, but I think you've always had a bit of a funny idea / skewed perspective when it comes to "looks". I find many pregnant women more beautiful when they are pregnant and that's definitely not due to reminiscence on my part! Granted, it could stem from the fact that I DO find it a miraculous and beautiful process, but does it really matter what it stems from? The result is the same!!